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Bring on the Bachelorette Party

13 March 2012

This weekend some of our family friends and a few of my sister's bridesmaids threw her and the fiance a couples shower at The Quarter Bar in Dallas. There were signature drinks, lots of loot for the couple and plenty of good times catching up with friends and getting excited for the next two months until the big day for little sister!

The happy and gorgeous married couple to-be.

Sistah and brother-in-law of the bride.
Love a shower that you can wear jeans to!
The shower reminded me of all the wonderful people baby sis has in her life...and also that it is time to kick my bachelorette planning into high gear! I ordered these invitations from The Party Dress a while back and dropped them in the mail to about twenty lucky ladies yesterday. I thought going a little Missoni was a fun alternative to black and pink for our preppy lake weekend. And we know that the bride-to-be loves her burnt orange!

I was thrilled with the finished product when they arrived in the mail and knew they would be even more perfect with one added touch. Grown-up sister is adorable all on her own, but to see a baby photo of my sister it to be hit head on with cutesiness. I remembered that you can make custom postage stamps from your photos at and scanned one of my favorite baby photos of sweet Sistah and had them made into our invite postage.

It was so hard for me to put these invitations out in the mail because I did not want to stop making googly eyes at this adorable little face!

Do you love adding special touches to your snail mail like I do?

Any fun events coming up on the horizon in your life?


  1. How adorable. I love love love the stamps - I never knew you could do that!

    Keep Shining,

  2. Those stamps are so precious! I definitely want to do that one day.


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