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Dallas Mini-Dating: Dallas Arts District Block Party

18 March 2012

As lovely as the extra sun hours are, the first week after Daylight Savings Time is a little bit of a punch to the face in our house. We cherish each precious hour of sleep over here so losing just one is a pretty rough hit. We fought through it and while we had no intention of burning the midnight hours on Friday, Markus called me at lunch and asked if I was free to go on a date that night. A full date seemed a little daunting but a mini-date? That was something I could handle.

Once a month the museums in the Dallas Arts District stay open late and have programs for families. The Dallas Arts District will often turn the whole area into a block party and it's just as fun as taking a trip inside one of the museums. Plus Little Child gets to come along when we keep it outside!

We got in the car right after work and headed down to the District for an early dinner and walkabout. 

The food trucks were out in their delectable glory.


Markus got us dinner from one of my favorite Dallas trucks, Green House! Lots of vegetarian and responsibly-sourced food choices. 

We settled in at a bistro table in from of the Nasher Sculpture Center for our alfresco dinner date. I had the wild Atlantic salmon bowl. Not your average food truck food...


The Crow Collection of Asian Art, which is always free, did a great job of bringing their programs to the street so families with strollers and people walking by could easily jump in on the fun. 

Their calligraphy team taught me how to write a word in calligraphy in honor of our special guest.

The Crow Collection also had this incredible drumming group. Everyone roaming the block would fall completely silent as they played. They were so impressive and it looked like pretty amazing cardio, I'm not going to lie. 


It is always fun to have a souvenir to help remember a fabulous date night. We climbed into the free photo booth that was out in the middle of the block and now have some great photo memories for our refrigerator or office cubes! 

The best part? After dinner and all of our activities we were out less than $20 and home before 8pm. A huge mini-date success! 

Are you a marathon dater or a mini-dater? 

What were you up to this weekend?

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