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Feathering the Hippie Haven: Upcycled Furniture Projects

12 March 2012

Our home is small, as is the "variable" spending line in our budget, so when looking for items for our home I am often prepared to wait it out until I see the perfect solution that is of a design that I am looking for, falls into our budget and is of low environmental impact. The running joke at our home when it comes to going without until we find the perfect solution vs replacing something fast with something we don't truly like is, "This is why we have a 30 year mortgage, right?"

One thing I've always had an eye out for was a nice bed for Little Child. We got her the standard pet bed with the thin cover and fluffy stuffing when we first brought her home. It lasted a few months until she tried to eat it...around the same that she let us know she was going to begin sleeping in the bed with us. We love to snuggle with Little Child but now that she is a little older I've noticed that she'll start in the bed with us and then climb down in the middle of the night and try to sleep on the floor. She needed a bed but another cheap one filled with synthetic batting seemed like money down the drain. I found this Molly Mutt bed on and loved the concept! 

The Molly Mutt pet beds come in two pieces: a duvet and an optional stuff sack. First, you take the stuff sack and fill it with old towels, clothes and linens. This was perfect timing since I had just gone through our closets and there were some clothes that were too worn or stained to consign or donate to charity.

Once the stuff sack is full it goes into the duvet to complete a pet bed that is soft and made from your own upcycled materials. Since the items were previously yours they even have your smell on it! We showed LC this weekend that this was her very own lady bed. She loves it.

All of the duvet designs are so witty and adorable!

In other news re: soft places to snuggle up at our house, I had been waiting for two years to get new armchairs for our living room and I finally made it happen. My Nannie gifted me with some of her old chairs when she upgraded a few years ago and I decided that I loved the shape and just wanted to reupholster them to be a better fit for the room aesthetically.

Little Child modeling some of her contributions to aging these chairs out of commission.
It took me a long time to decide what kind of upholstery I should do but after looking at all of the other patterns and color that I have going on in the room I decided for a stark white that I could change up with throw and bolster pillows. I found a twill on that was 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton. Markham Upholstery in the Design District redid the chairs for $275 a piece with stain guarding. A steal for two "brand new" antique chairs vs today's more shoddy and disposable designs!

The stain guarding on these has already proven itself against some rainy weekend muddy paws.

To me getting what you want in the end is worth the wait. 

Have you had something on your radar lately for a home item or improvement project?

How do you like to shop - quick fixes or long-term investments?


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that chair! I love the white, it's so crisp and fresh! I love that you went with a simple color, as opposed to a pattern, because then you can change it with accessories any time you want!


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