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Friday Favorites: God Save the Blog

23 March 2012

Save for a few decidedly Texan tornadoes, the cold/rainy weather this week has been downright British. This outside ambience combined with Duchess Kate's recent "Girl's Run the World" charity outings have made me into an even bigger Anglophile lately. All of my favorites this week are borrowed from the Brits!

Shopping in a Moerfelden market in my Hunters Dec. 2008.

You know the weather is dreadful when you are rocking the Lady N's at work more than once in a week. I got these boots as an early Christmas gift from my parents in 2008 before I took off to spend the Holiday in Germany with Markus' family. Later that year I found myself falling for a British brunette who was dating Prince William - and she was wearing my Hunter boots! Kate's seemed to move on in the boot world but I still can't get enough.

Fish and Chips
I've made Alexia sweet potato fries (I get a huge bag from Costco every few weeks) and some gluten-free fish filets (freezer section at Whole Foods) for lunch with fruit or a side salad at home for a midday meal almost every day this week. The high point of pub food has made for a delicious lunch break!
...let's get in the trust tree for just one moment and discuss the side salads - sometimes they make an appearnace, sometimes they do not. You do what you can, my friends.

Sporty Chic
I love Kate's transitional look for this Olympics event earlier this week. I have a double-breasted naxy blazer that used to be my mom's (also a TKM - Total Kate Move) that I definitely need to pair with my red jeans! When I got married I had American Apparel track jackets monogrammed for each of my friends (I didn't have bridesmaids, just my sister as a MOH). My jacket is white with a navy monogram and would look spot on with some red or coral denim. Kate = major style your closet inspiration.
P.S. Sorry US, but I am cheering for GB in the Olympic games. Stella McCartney kits? Yes, thank you.

It puts up its dukes against Mary Poppins and comes out the winner of "Best Movie Set in London of All Time." Markus had never seen this movie before we met and now he knows every word, as one of my favorite things to do on the weekend is eat pancakes and sing along to this cinematic treasure. I'm so happy its pay day so I can purchase it's new neighbor in the DVD drawer. I leave you with video of Fozzie's inspirational speech in case you are looking for the extra oomph to close out your work week.

I expressed on Twitter that I am kind of in a tiff with our forefathers this week. What's so bad about Britian? All this tea party business seemed to null our chances at pulling of fascinators and having a Harrod's stateside.

Many more blogger Favorites are at!
Are you as Anglo-obsessed as I am lately?

What are your favorite things this week? Any big plans this weekend?

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  1. I adore Kate Middleton. Her fashion, her attitude, she is just so classy!


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