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Friday Favorites: Scatter Shooting

09 March 2012

Well there's no cutesy theme or alliteration for the special nuggets that I'm loving this week. All these juicy delights have made me smile as we crawled to Friday!

The dining room table got real fancy this week.

Pretty Vases
My darling husband bought me flowers for book club this week, which means I got a way to show off my treasured blue and white china vases that my mom bought me from The Family Place Resale Shop. They have the best finds and proceeds benefit The Family Place's domestic violence intervention. The vase in the middle was a housewarming gift from dear friend Evan. It is from the very creative floral shop Dirt Flowers studio and is perfect for when you want to pick up or display one happy stem. It's also great to add into any table for height variance! 

Love the smell of freshly checked out library books!
Maybe one day I'll evolve out of the children's section.
Library Books
It had been a while since I've been around, but you could ask me at any time what my favorite smell was and I would say the inside of Preston Royal Library.  seriously wish they could bottle it. I've returned to the mothership with enthusiasm this week to load up on my Storyline books and it's been fun to get to know the "new" library! I reserved all of my books online and was emailed when they were ready. There's also self-checkout at the branches now! I asked if they had The Hunger Games when I stopped in today and was told there was a 278 person wait list. Looks like I'll be downloading that to my Nook color tonight.

The little bitty and I with our Pop and Nannie. circa 1991
Sistah comes in town this weekend! Can't wait to celebrate her with lots of showers and family time.

What are you loving this week?

Any special plans for the weekend?


  1. Have fun with your sissy!!

    Keep Shining,

  2. I LOVE those blue and white vases! So pretty!

  3. Aww! I love spending time with my siblings! Hope you guys had fun, despite the rain! Your vases are adorable!!

    Can't believe the wait for The Hunger Games! That's insane. But really great books - can't wait to see the film!


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