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Houston, TX: Black Walls, Bridal Showers and Tara Lipinski

26 March 2012

This past weekend my mom, Markus and I loaded up her car and headed south to Houston for Sistah's bridal shower! The bluebonnets were out in full force and we had a great road trip.

My sister's fiance's family and friends actually live in Sugarland, outside of Houston. I didn't know anything about Sugarland really, besides that my favorite Olympic figure skater lived there as a child. I asked Sistah if she thought we would see her out and about over the weekend but we decided it might be best to take matters into our own hands via Twitter.

She was a no-show but we appreciated her repsonse.
The shower was amazing. Everything the hostesses made or brought in was gluten-free especially for my sister. The dessert table was out of control. Gluten-free cupcakes from Sprinkles (hence the G label), ginormous chocolate covered strawberries and the MOST amazing macrons I have ever had from a bakery in Sugarland called The Sweet Boutique. If you are ever in the Sugarland area please get thee to this bakery.

After the shower we had a great dinner out as an extended family and got some Ben & Jerry's in the Southlake Town Square. It was so nice to spend some time with my sister's future in-laws, who are exceptionally nice people.

I am a travel nerd and I love making a historical/artsy pit stop on travels. The Rothko Chapel has been at the back of my mind for a few years for if I ever found myself in Houston. It was the world's first non-denominational ecumenical center and was designed with the influence of Mark Rothko and features his works specifically made for the building inside. It is also on Texas Monthly's Texas Bucket List, which I am for some reason still oddly obsessed with one day completing.

When I mentioned that we were going to try to pass by the chapel on the way out of town, some members of our weekend group tried to curb my expectations and explained to me that it was really nothing to see but a room of black walls. They, of course, are totally right. But I am also the weirdo who traveled 9 hours from home to see the aluminum boxes. I like flying my freak flag re: conceptual art and, as I expected, Markus and I loved the few moments where we got to stare at the black walls.

Photos are not allowed inside the space, but this is the interior for reference:

Stark architecture with black walls: just how my werido art taste likes it.

Markus and I loved the little lending library of all types of religious and meditational books outside the chapel. Weekends at the Rothko are full of weddings, memorials and foot traffic but if I lived in Houston I could see myself taking a weekday afternoon here for some meditation.

Besides Markus, my mom is definitely one of my art buddies so I was glad she was with us for our cultural road trip bathroom break. We took a little pic by the pond outside of the chapel.

A fun weekend in Houston and I am so glad to be back at home for another great week!

How was your weekend?

Do you like to sneak in a little activity when you're traveling to see friends and family?

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