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I Guess Ya Just What I Needed

05 March 2012

So on Thursday I climbed on my high and mighty blog and shared how I was going to spend the month focusing on yoga, eating good food and not being afriad to turn down a social invite when I actually needed the time at home.

Then Markus called and we went to happy hour with his work friends where I ate Londoner cheese fries (2nd only to Snuffer's), stayed out too late and skipped yoga. Let's try this again...

Even though my work life was suddenly in arms this weekend, I did make it to two yoga classes - only 19 more to go for my March goal! We also picked up a bin of produce from Urban Acres with lots of green stuff inside that I need to explore for dinners this week. Friday and Sautrday were nights in for us. Knowing I could go to bed whenever I wanted after so many weekends loaded with nights out was better than being on vacation to me.

Sunday I woke up and knew it was time to fix a week long hankering for an old favorite of mine: strawberry pancakes.

My all-time favorite pancake mix (better to me than Bisquik or even made-from-scratch) is Cherrybrook Kitchen. Their pancake mixes come in regular and chocolate chip. I was lucky enough to accidentally buy the chocolate chip version one time and it was the best mistake I've ever made and I've never looked back. I love adding different things to the mix be it Udi's cranberry walnut granola, a little pumpkin puree or bananas. This Sunday it was fresh strawberries that I mashed with a fork along with some ground flax. Note the pat of Earth Balance soy free butter on top. Heaven on Earth.

Pancakes and coffee fueled some much needed housecleaning and then it was time to get ready for a friend's wedding. Do you think this is what Kate Middleton's life looks like when she is trying to get out the door? Regal black pooch, yes. Mop drying in the corner, probably not. Refigerator magnets galore? Obviously. Wills and Kate love to travel and therefore must have quite the refrigerator magnet collection.

Pregaming with a little royal bubbly: La Croix grapefruit sparkling water.

We met up with Markus's brother and his fiance at the ceremony (where a parent let their child play games the entire 15 minute service with the sound on...NO. I could not believe my ears...) followed by some games at Top Golf. These pesky boys always know how to have a good time and where the nearest cigar shop is.

A relaxing as it was I still had a hard time saying goodbye to a certain little lady this morning. I guess Mondays can be hard no matter how well you prepare! Or maybe my Little Child is really just that cute...

What were you up to this weekend?

Did you get any goals for March or Lent that you are working to follow through on?

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