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March Goals: Yoga, Lunch and Leisure Time

01 March 2012

Ok, it is March. For real. Summer is close and my baby Sistah is getting married in roughly 70 days. Go time has arrived.

I'm setting some personal goals for March to try to get back into some good habits that will get me feeling well and confident this spring!

1. Yogatime
I bought a 30 day pass to American Power Yoga at the end of December. I used to only do yoga for exercise and then started adding in more cardio and toning through barre and Tracy Anderson Method DVDs when I wanted to lose weight before our trip to Costa Rica last year. Yoga classes to me, espeically those in a heated environment are like pressing the reset button on my body. My goal is attend 21 classes in 30 days and really detox out this winter!

2. Time to Refuel
Dinners at home have come a long way since bringing home more fresh vegetables through the food co-op. I go home for lunch and have been surviving on cereal for lunch and snacks for most of this month. I really want to meal plan out lunches and snacks to where I am getting in more raw fruits and vegetables with these meals. This is important to me because I can NOT get sick right now with so much going on and I would also like to look and feel my best for upcoming festivities!
3. Me Time
If you look at my datebook from February, there was something written down close to every single day. Besides our retreat to Lubbock, weekend days were either booked for work or a balancing act of errands, morning activities with family and evenings out with friends. Most of it was supposed to be fun but honestly none of it is fun anymore if you aren't getting enough rest in between to enjoy it. April already looks this way and I'm in two weddings in May - the time to rest is now! I am purposefully blocking out nights and saying no to a few evenings with friends because I need it and there's no point in going out if I'm a zombie when I'm there.

Meeting goals = rewards, right? Yes. So I have my trusty Groupon to King Spa and Sauna that I want to use towards the end of the month. It will be a real treat if I can think about how well I met my March goals as I sweat the end of the month out in the sauna!

What are your goals for the month?

Is there anything that you are looking forward to now that we're nearing spring?

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  1. You found some great deals to use this month!! I just moved to Dallas, so I have to get better at snatching up deals and Groupons.

    This month, I'm definitely trying to get into a fitness routine after the craziness of moving calms down in the next week or two. Would you recommend American Power Yoga? I'm a yoga novice, but want to get into it!

    Great blog, btw and adorable pup!! ^_^


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