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Paper Culture and Oh How Pinteresting: Baptism Party Prep

21 March 2012

Easter has always been a special event in my family. We make a big, casual lunch and do an egg hunt with many of our family friends in the backyard. As us kiddos grew up we learned that our parents didn't really want to stop hiding eggs for us, and we were happy continute looking for them if they were willing to up the egg ante when it came to contents. Now we hunt for cash, candy and gift cards and the chase is on just as much as it was when we were little.

This year's Easter weekend is even more special to me. I was raised Catholic and Markus was raised non-denominational Christian. When we first started dating we talked about religion and family and we were lucky to both come from the same place that being church-going was important to both of us, and the details of that (as in what kind of church/religion that would be) was something we were each willing to explore. I loved a non-denominational church in Lubbock but had trouble finding one in Dallas that I connected with. In the meantime, Markus visited my Catholic church with me and felt really welcomed by our community. He began the Catholic adult baptism classes in August and has been very dedicated to exploring this religion. I am so proud of him that he is being baptised this Easter. What makes me the most happy is how independently he made this commitment. His happiness with his choice comes through in his actions and desires to attend church lately and it has made me very re-energized about my own church going, which for a little while now has been..well, .lackluster.

I consider myslf very fortunate to be able to be a witness to this milestone in Markus' life and wanted to send an annoucement to our close friends and family. I'm not sure what I was expecting to find in the "Adult Baptism Announcement" market but I was pretty shocked at how thin of a pool I was swimming in. I was very lucky to discover Paper Culture, a custom stationary and card site with a (listen for my squeals of delight) eco-conscious business model!

I loved so many of Paper Culture's custom baptism announcement choices, many in non-pastel tones appropriate for adult ceremonies (or sophisticated babies). Their graphic desginers worked with me personally on a level that far exceeds other custom card sites that I have shopped with before. Paper Culture plants a tree for every order purchased and all cards are made from 100% post-consumer recycled paper using windpower.

Markus and our guests loved the final product! A teaser of the final announcement is below.

We are having friends and family over after the ceremony to celebrate and get together. I've found some great inspiration on Pinterest to give our evening some special Easter touches!

I found these searching for "Easter" in the search box on Pinterest:

I also did a Pinterest search for "Easter Printables" and "Scripture Printables" to add something to the food table:

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Do you celebrate Easter in a special way?

How do you "do" religion in your house - to each their own or working to find something that fits for everybody?


  1. Easter is a big family day for me! Saturday I spend it with my family in Pittsburgh and Sunday I"m back home in Maryland to spend with my family here. I look forward to it every year!


  2. This Easter, my parents, grandmother, husband and I will go to the same restaurant where we all have breakfast every Sunday. When I was a kid, Easter was a big deal, but it's not anymore. I may decide to go to the Episcopal church down the street from me - it's similar to the Catholic church I grew up with, 'cept the pastor is a lady.

    Congratulations to Markus!

    I love the chocolate-dipped Peeps. Maybe it's just the nostalgia factor, but Peeps look so good to me this year.

    My Pinterst post this week is at

  3. That's so great that you and your husband were able to figure out the religion thing so easily. I always consider myself lucky that my boyfriend and I are both already Catholic, so if we ever did get married it wouldn't be an ordeal to decided which church to get married in, how to raise our kids, etc. I'm so excited for Easter this year because my old college roommate is visiting. Yay!


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