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Taking the Evening Off: Tu Lus Gluten-Free Bakery

15 March 2012

The Ides of March are upon us, which to me means that I should be halfway to finisihing the goals that I set for myself this month. Yoga has been a blast. I love American Power Yoga's new studio and I feel toned and healthy to boot. The only downside of my yoginess this month is that I also had the goal for more me time/downtime, which is hard to come by when you're running down to the yoga studio five nights a week. I was all dressed in my gear yesterday but my mind could not make it to class. I pulled a "me time" card instead. Not to waste the night, I decided since I was in the niehgborhood I should try our newest gluten-free gem in town, Tu Lu's Bakery on Sherry Ln.

I love an all gluten-free bakery. About 90% of the time that a gluten-free person is out in the public food world, he or she is looking at a wide selection of incredible looking foods and then taking probably 5% of that selection that will not be completely rejected by his or her body and then convincing his or herself that those offerings are the most delicious and desirable options to begin with. It honestly screws with my head to go anywhere, most especially a bakery, and know that if I wanted to I could say "one of everything," and I would not be up all night sweating out my gluteny remorse a la Christian Bale in The Fighter.

Adorable decor and trusting owls reside in the gluten-free safe haven.

It was so hard to pick an early evening treat from Tu Lu's. The cupcakes looked incredible...

I've heard that the chocolate chip cookies are a specialty so I took one of those. Markus took an egg-free, dairy-free agave sweetened brownie, since his preferred food group is anything that has to be expained with at least three dietary adjectives before it. I knew I wanted a sweet but something kept catching my eye so I knew it needed to get added to our box - the cheddar japapeno corn muffin. I just had a feeling about this one.

The chocolate chip cookie tasted like an impeccably fresh bakery cookie with the perfect ratio of cookie and chocolate. A great treat for many, but to anyone who has had to avoid pastry cases like the plague for the past years and eaten most of their baked goods from a box that came from a "gluten-free facility," this is a life-altering event. I just sat there and waited for the stomach ache to kick in because surely there was no way that this was a gluten-free cookie. I've been sitting in front of my laptop mulling over this paragraph to try to explain how much this was the high point of my day but I am totally at a loss for words over a 4" in diameter carbohydrate so let's just move forward...

Jalapeno Cheddar Corn Muffin was also incredible. I no longer yearn when I see the bread basket at a restaurant because I've tried dipping my toe back in the water enough times to know that to sample is to be in pain. The hardest carb to quit, though, has been the cheddar jalapeno bread from Celebration Restaurant in Dallas. This muffin at Tu Lu's is a very moist and savory replacement. Each bite just kind of turns into this ball of southern delight in your mouth. I miss this muffin quite a bit as I write this post. The only thing I would add to it is a little real corn a la the Celebration biscuits. But we are lucky enough to have this bakery in Dallas now after a long while of being only open in New York, so I'm not going to pull a classic Texas girl move and start telling the new Yankee neighbors how they can improve their cornbread. I am just utterly delighted and grateful for their new presence in the neighborhood.

This was just the perfect break my mind needed to get back to the grindstone and finish out the week. That and a evening song from Markus to remind us that while goals are important, keeping it simple always leads to success.

What are some of your favorite bakery items?

When do you feel like you really need to stop and smell the roses?

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  1. What an adorable little bakery! I am a huge cupcake of my favorite sweets!

    Keep Shining,


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