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19 March 2012

We've spent a good bulk of the day here in Dallas under #tornadowatch, which, when you work in the disaster response non-profit business like myself, means quite the busy day. Thankfully a weekend respite in my beautiful neighborhood readied me for whatever this week brings as far as weather goes. 

Of all the things that make me swoon about Spring, Wisteria is my personal kryptonite. Our family home in Kentucky had a backyard deck with a wraparound trellis that dripped Wisteria for most of the spring and early summer. My mom had a Tiffany stained glass Wisteria reproduction in our family room that mesmerized me. So there is the nostalgic aspect. I identify personally with the plant: it's wild, most true gardeners hate it for being impossible to tame, you give it an inch it takes a mile (sounds similar to if Markus was to file a missing person's on his wife...). And, the smell. During Wisteria season is takes twice a long to go anywhere on our weekend bike rides for all the time that I have to set up shop under Wisteria blossoms for slow, sensory inhalations.

First sightings of Wisteria in the neighborhood lead to 1. audible gasps of delight and marvel followed by 2. intense iPhone camera sessions. Some of my favorite subjects from this past week's #wisteriawatch follow. 

Off of Walnut Hill between Midway and Lenel.
Preston and University.
Entrance to the sculpture garden at the Dallas Museum of Art.
Inwood Rd. between Lovers and Northwest Hwy.
This Sunday it was time to go grocery shopping and I also longed to break out the bikes. We rode up to the neighborhood Whole Foods and were full-blown Wisteria watchers along the way.

A beautiful bunch of wild Wisteria on Rosser!
Spring is here, and Wisteria throws quite the coming out party. Follow me on Twitter for more musings and #wisteriawatch photography through summer! 

What are your favorite signs of spring?

What's that one thing you can't stop photographing with your smart phone?

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  1. I wish we had wisteria here. It looks beautiful! I cant stop taking pictures of all of my spring bulbs popping up!


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