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03 April 2012

Do y'all read Matchbook Magazine?

Of all the online magazines, and I adore so many of them (Lonny and Rue are other standouts), Matchbook is my favorite.

I've always loved their feature where they throw a question on Twitter and then publish responses from people who I always assumed were of heightened style and fame. Until last night when I saw little ol' @LillyNeu represented in the mix.

Click photo to enlarge!

I meant every word (I am perpetually underdressed in this city) and I perfectly recall rattling them off at a stop light with complete pride in my city. I would take down Jessica Simpson and J.R. Ewing at the same time to be crowned Dallas' biggest fan.

I sent my mention to my perpetual editor aka Mom aka Gigi (she didn't feel comfortable with Markus calling her Judy after we married but recognized Mrs. Watson was now too formal, so Gigi was born. With no reluctance from my mother I might add). Gigi had both praise and feedback for my tweet.

In case you were wondering if I was really from Dallas...

A virtual thank you note to Matchbook, for being such a fun way to spend a lunch break and turning reading a magazine into a two-way conversation!

What is your favorite magazine - print or digital?

What do you love about your hometown?

Omg speaking of the best magazines, y'all know Domino is coming back, right?!


  1. I love this! Great answer! And congrats!

  2. So exciting! Congrats! I love Domino, I can't believe it's coming back!!


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