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Sistah's Bachelorette Party: Sunny Sailing in Rockwall

23 April 2012

After many many weeks of looking forward to my baby sister's bachelorette party, we got to actually live it in real life this past weekend! All TWENTY of the girls (yes) were so sweet and fun to be around. I am just so tickled that everyone came out and enjoyed the day. Snaps to the weather for being absolutely perfect. No one told me in advance that I would endure flash flooding throughout my wedding weekend so I could gift my sister with ideal sailing weather for her bachelorette, but I was more than happy to send a sacrifice to the weather gods for this blissful day of fun.

We stayed at the Hilton Bella Harbor in Rockwall. Now I know why people who say "I'm from Dallas. Kind of from, like, right outside of Dallas...?" do so with a serene smile on their faces. The suburbs was where it was at this weekend.

First stop was the pool, where we chatted it up, got some sun and began to break in our party cups.

Then we boarded the Seawolf sailboat for a Sail with Scott cruise. Could not recommend this any more. The boat is gorgeous and it is a wonderful 90 minute sail around Lake Ray Hubbard. Scott lets you help with the sailing if you wish, take a photo driving the ship and you can bring anything you want on board. All for $25! We were his sassy skippers for the afternoon. He loved it. 

wind powered sailboat + resuable cups = very excited about our carbon footprint at this moment
My sister and I were in love with each other so we look a quick photo. No instagram filters needed when you are actually in the great outdoors and flooded with light.
hello Sistah

at sea safe away from the lens of the Sartorialist, who would have definitely wanted at some of our street style

> a party bus

After we sailed it was time for snacks and a shower for the bride in one of our hotel rooms!

I made the bride's favorite chocolate covered covered peanut butter crackers and gluten-free strawberry cupcakes from The Cake Mix Doctor Bakes Gluten Free. The gorgeous and exceptionally tasty macarons below were from Creme de la Cookie. We had caramel, lemon and pistachio flavors which I may or may not have chosen to coordinate with the colors of the serving tray (when Type A's party plan).

I purchased 20 sailor hats and a case of fabric markers, so we all decorated our own hats as we gave the bride her gifts. I feel as though coordinating ridiculous accessories is a major component of a good bachelorette and everyone was very sweet to oblidge me.

We were off to Gloria's on the harbor for great food and some of the strongest margaritas of all time! 

Then capped off the night at Rockwall's finest nightclub on the harbor, complete with techno-loving DJ's, blown speakers and many of the area's finest bachelors. 

Lots of dancing and then a little pushback from the bride re: not wanting to change out of her dress for bed and we wrapped up a great weekend! I cannot believe my baby sister is getting married in THREE weeks, y'all. It simply is not happening.

If you liked our party cups visit back tomorrow - I am giving one away on the blog!


  1. That sun looks heavenly! Love the photos, dear. Happy Monday!


  2. such a success!! thanks again lilly!

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