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Type A vs. the Tornadoes

06 April 2012

Subtitle: How my life went from Holy Week to Holy Sh*t Week (and getting back to the actually Holy part again, hopefully)

If any dear internet friends are wondering where I've been this week, it's to hell and back via 14+ tornadoes with some of the most resilient and incredible people of the Dallas/Fort Worth area you will ever meet.

In a disaster such as the tornado outbreak we had on Tuesday, my work life goes from "standard" to this

and some of this...

and not much time for anything else.

As I've mentioned before, Markus is getting baptized this weekend. I've sent announcements and have both of our families and friends coming over afterwards. I had great plans for this week: plans to finish our crown molding installation, bake cakes and goodies for guests, iron my dress, start new Turbo Fire DVDs and sleep. I was going to paint one of those IKEA rugs like all the other good bloggers, y'all...

I have my home. I have my family. I have an incredible job where I get to help people and receive the important reminder that crown molding is not what it's all about. (Even though, I mean, it pretty much always usually is...)

But boy can my Type A personality get the best of me in sitations like this, leading me to come home completely exhausted after three days in to a disaster operation, yet refusing to go to bed until I have assembled (more like watch my husband assemble, but the project management alone was draining me) my new bar cart from Overstock.

Less sleep with an assembled bar cart > more sleep. Is this the definition of insanity? Or the sign of a good Southern working homemaker?

Here it sits in all its glory. Doing a whole lot of nothing. WTF is wrong with me.

In anyone else like this when your professional life goes crazy? No matter how much I accomplish in a work day, if there are personal life things on my to-do list that have not been scratched through I am a total failure in my mind.

I'm trying to remember that today I'm at work and this comes first (besides this blog apparently...but it's lunch time at the ranch and even something as optional as blogging was beginning to feel like a fail to me. My brain needs some turtle time.) Tomorrow will be for family and Jesus and peeps (both the marshmallow and friend-slang kinds), and the phone will turn off. Not to get all Billy Graham on you (mostly because I'm too tired to inflect my words like I know he would), but what a great weekend to remember that if a man can give his life for us, I can deal with a shambled house so someone who doesn't have one at all can get a few snacks and a place to stay this week.

How do you handle the collision of work and family?

What is making you thankful this week?

Do you think my in-laws will detest my lack of crown molding?

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