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Weekend Workouts

30 April 2012

Disclaimer: This is a post where I talk about my love of mild excercise and make no formal recommendations for your life since I am not a certified trainer or physician, just your unathletic Joe Schmo who has managed to keep a few health issues at bay and stay off the short list as a potential Biggest Loser contestant through as little diet and exercise as I can get away with. Moving on...

I am a big believer in not doing anything on the weekends. Probably one of the most difficult things about being in a marriage where both people are into their careers and working full time is that we have to choose between A.) the evenings and weekends being dedicated to chores and errand running or B.) being comfortable with our lives being in near-complete disarray. I think Markus might lean more towards A but I have cried in enough grocery store parking lots on a sunny weekend day, rambling on about wasted youth that I have brought him over to the B side with me. Life's too short for folded laundry! At least when you have enough Downy spray and a lack of children to get away with it..

Currently there are about a majillion things (official medical industry term) that I could be medicated for: insomnia, digestive sensitivity, high-ish blood pressure, general lapses of mental sanity begin this list. I have just never reacted well to meds but have found 30-45 minutes of exercise a day and laying off the processed foods are pretty big cure-alls for what ails me. Because of this working out is a less flexible part of my daily life than I would prefer it to be. To try to keep exercise from being looked at like another chore on the weekends, or blowing it off completely and ending up not feeling very well by Sunday, I try to keep things fresh in terms of breaking a sweat on the weekend.

This Saturday I found my favorite new way to exercise - English Riding Lessons!

I have always loved horses and have wanted to ride English, so when a Groupon presented itself for lesson packages I had to buy them for myself as a Christmas/New Year New Me gift. I had my first lesson and I am in LOVE! Insane workout - I woke up at 5, 7 and 8am on Sunday moaning from my sore muscles. Might be time to invest in a foam roller.

I give Markus a lot of flack for cycling - the more you get into it the more time consuming and expensive it is. Now he can just buy me a horse and we can be even-steven in the pricey hobbies department.

Sitting atop the original Pilates reformer.

Markus bought me a bike the first year we celebrated my birthday together. It is still my favorite way to commute on the weekends and a great way to sneak in some exercise! I'll ride it to the corner grocery store, to my mom's house or to get an iced coffee.

An additional upside of riding bikes as a couple is you can't have your iPhone while riding (unless obviously it is to snap a photo of your truly...). Our conversations go all over the map during our rides. I love a good conflict resolution via bicycle and I'm sure our neighbors who jog and walk their dogs appreciate the gossip as well.

After reading Last Child in the Woods last summer, I am a big fan of unstructured play for children and adults alike. We took Markus' little sister and a family friend to the club on Sunday for a children's gold event and then to the field across the way to horse around. Trying to teach the video game generation how to fly a kite was definitely the most challenging and rewarding experience of the week - but also so much fun! 

Markus makes himself at easy target at the golf event.

What were you up to this weekend - any outdoor fun?

What are your favorite ways to break a sweat outside of th gym?

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