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Jonathan Adler Does Dallas!

18 May 2012

A few years ago as I was moving back to Dallas and getting settled into quasi big girl life I happened upon Jonathan Adler and fell in love. It has been so fun and thrilling to watch the growth of his joyful empire! When we took our family vacation to Chicago last year, my only personal request was that we visit the JA store on Michigan and it did not disappoint. I've worn the skin off the bones of my fingers, keeping them crosseed that one day we would get an outpost of our very own in Dallas and dreams come true for those who dream in technicolor! 

I love the location and curb appeal of the Dallas store on McKinney Ave. The squirrels are amazing and it is right next to other quirky chic home and lifestyle shops such as Nest, Forty Five Ten and Z Gallerie.

I took this photo on the opening day of the store. I love how they styled the monogram pillow in the entry to make it decidely Dallas! Everyone knows that Dallas is obsessed with itself and I'm glad there was no question of the importance of this by Mr. Adler.

I wanted to get something special on the opening day of the store, so I took home the boom box match strike. I have always loved this piece as it reminds me of Markus, who is a guy's guy who believes in the power of candlelit ambience at the end of a long day of kickin' it. Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys left us on Earth the same day of the Jonathan Adler store opening so the boom box selection had an even greater meaning. Us Catholics love to light a candle for the departed, so we can send one up to MCA each time we make a flame from our match strike.

My second trip to the store was Wednesday night for the opening party, where Jonathan himself was in attendance with his wonderful partner Simon Doonan. I blogged about Simon's new book, Why Gay Men Don't Get Fat, and how much I absolutely admire their relationship in a previous post, and their behavior towards each other at this event was no exception. I joke with my friends quite often that I'd love it if one day Markus and I were referred to as "the heterosexual Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan," so seeing a couple as fun and unassuming as them is always inspiration for my own marriage.

Before getting some one-on-one time with JA I added a few items to my wish list:

An ironic gift for Little Child, whose chicken jerky is marinated in lavender because girlfriend is cray.
This I just need a million times over. The utopia collection is my personal favorite.
Jonathan and I (pictured below) discuss a shared favorite pastime: family outdoor fun! Jonathan and Simon love to paddleboard and the puppy comes too! Our time together made me so excited for Markus and I to use our White Rock Paddle Co. vouchers this weekend and I'm thinking about taking Little Child along now.

I asked Jonathan if we could take a quick photo before I left. His repsonse, "Um, yes. Let's model."

We're fairly good at it, if I do say so myself...

Have you been to the new Jonathan Adler store in Dallas?
Austin is next on his hit list so buckle up if you are reading from south of 35!

Do you have a favorite interiors or lifestyle guru that you identify with to a stalkerish extent a la me and Mr. Adler?

Happy weekend to you from Pancakes & Beet Juice!

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