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Photo Diary: Brittany's Big Day

29 May 2012

It's been weekend after weekend of incredible weddings through the month of May! My dear friend Brittany had her special day over Memorial weekend. What an incredible event to send us into summer break before Markus' brother's wedding in September! 

Disclaimer: This wedding was so, so incredibly fabulous that although I took an insane amount of iPhone photos of the decor and florals, I am not sharing them right now because I have a feeling that the official photographer and florists have big, big plans for this event - far greater than lil' ol' Pancakes and Beet Juice. That said, once I see those I will be sure to pass on their greatness to you, as I still cannot believe that I know someone, let alone was a bridesmaid in, one of THOSE weddings. Brittany was a perfect bride and kind enough to not bring up that I had my wedding reception from a building from the Dallas Parks Department throughout this entire affair. What a gem of a friend...

The photos above were of the gifts I found for Brittany at Forestwood Antique Mall before her big day. Her colors were lavender and grey so I settled on the purple/grey block print hanky for her wedding back (a something "old"). The bride married a Rodriguez so I could not pass up this vintage apron covered in sombreros for her to wear when she made her hubby tasty enchiladas upon returning from their honeymoon!

We started the weekend off at the Zodiac room at the downtown Neiman Marcus. The gelato trio with a shot of espresso is the perfect way to end lunch there! I adore that of all the places in the world the Neiman Marcus menus have marked gluten-free dishes. Maybe Stanley was a celiac? Much appreciated!

When Brittany finished getting her wedding hair done I told her, "The higher the hair, the closer to God. This is going to be one religious ceremony." How perfectly retro romantic is that beehive?

There was a perfectly subtle but wonderful key motif through the whole weekend. Loved our table card! Um and yes those linens were absolutely amazing. Loads of different patterns and textures all in pretty pewters.

The reception was at the Trinity River Audubon Center. You cannot be at this place and feel like you are in Dallas. This is the bride and groom as I looked out the floor-to-ceiling windows to see them posing for photos. An "Is this real life?" moment.

Brittany cutting the cake in her gorgeous Vera Wang, which suddenly made everyone very much not hungry because holy tiny bride.

My swell date and I! I put this photo on Facebook and got a share of compliments. Um, do you think? If it is not completely noticeable in this photo (which it is), the makeup team basically added goop and coloring until I had a completely new face for this wedding. It only took two Neutrogena makeup remover wipes to return to my normal self at the stroke of midnight. (No Cinderella metaphors here, I really did crash at midnight.) Well played, makeup team. You are invited over for my birthday or anytime for that matter.

The newly married couple's getaway car was Flo, as rented by A Stylish Soiree! So cute - people died when we rounded the corner and all saw it. A perfect ending to a perfect wedding! 

Are you in the throws of wedding season?

What details of a wedding do you most look forward to?

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  1. "flo" looks like fun! What a cute idea. Nice alternative to the limo .


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