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Photo Diary: The MS87

07 May 2012

Life at the Neubauer haus is typically revoling around my projects and commitments. This weekend was some Markus time as he rode in the MS150 race to cure Multiple Sclerosis! This was his first charity bike race and everyone was very excited for him.

His experience made my weekend equally unique.

Markus left for the race before 5:30am on Saturday, leaving LC and I to guard the palace. One on one snuggle time with Little Child is a rare favorite of mine. We both kind of drift in and out and figure out how much space we can possibly take up in the bed now that it is free of the male brute.

When I did make my way to the kitchen I was able to tell that it had been realized by Markus before his departure that I would surely be incapable of pouring my pre-made coffee without friendly instructions. Bruised ago aside I more than appreciated his effort!

P.S. Homeade iced coffee should always be enjoyed from a sorority date party tumbler with a biodegradable straw. I buy my made-from-corn straws by the case a few times a year and love them! 100 straws for $3.

Photo I got of Markus before he took off. He wore his bandana for a woman named Grandma Patty who sent him "big hugs!!" It is so fun that MS Society links their riders up with patients!

Markus finished Day 1 of the race with great time, but went down for the count about an hour after he finished with heat exhaustion and vomiting. This is how I found him in the medic tent - what a trooper! The high on Saturday was over 95F, which means the asphalt was scorching hot and many, many riders fell to heat exhaustion, including some other members of our team. Thankfully everyone stayed safe and on top of it and lots of money was raised for a good cause!

I got Markus out of the sun and to our hotel, the Marriott Solana, for some turtle time. It was perfect timing as the Derby was just about to start and this Kentucky girl loves to watch every year! I'll Have Another had so much heart and I was so happy that no horses were injured from racing this year. 

Biker's tan. Thank goodness homeboy is wearing suits all of next weekend at Sistah's wedding...

Southlake's Taco Diner for Cinco de Mayo. I love the Tacos Cancun. Markus had at least two plates of fries with his dinner. Our neighbor ordered a margarita with salt and Markus said, "I want a Sprite with salt!"

Dehydration cravings > pregnancy cravings. I've never seen Markus eat this much food in my life.

Sunday was supposed to be another 5am wake-up call to finish the race, but with some mild tendonitis and some lingering heat exhaustion symptoms, Markus decided to keep it to the MS87 this year. I am proud of him for raising money for a good cause and knowing his limits! And I did not mind lounging in bed until check out with three of my loves - husband, Domino and iced coffee. I love a good staycation!

Markus really loved everyone at MS150 and is already looking forward to it next year - while hoping for cooler weather!

Do you like to use charity runs and races as a way to train and stay active on the weekends?

What were you up to this weekend?

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