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Photo Diary: Sistah's Wedding Weekend

14 May 2012

I can't believe THE weekend was last weekend - my baby sister's wedding! She was walking perfection and I loved spending time with my family and her friends. I'll post more details when the official photos are back. I tried to keep the camera and iPhone off for most of the weekend but did snap some memories of my own! Hope you enjoy the photo diary of one of my all-time favorite weekends.

Leaving Dallas at 8:30am on Friday. All of the reception decor in the back of my cargo van!
Truth be told, Markus was the one to actually drive it down 35. God bless that boy.

My favorite dessert of all time, Strawberries Romanoff, at the rehearsal dinner.
The dinner was at UT Stadium Club and amazing. This sauce recipe was just like the one at our club growing up!

The morning of the wedding the bride and I walked from the Four Seasons to the farmer's market on 3rd St for breakfast and some fresh air. If I lived in Austin I would defintiely be here on the regular!

Tessie's favorite taco spot, Tacodeli, was at the market so we got some breakfast tacos.
The owner said he could not take a girl's money on her wedding day so we had our delicious bridal breakfast c/o the kind folks at Tacodeli! Loved my migas and all of their sauces.

Sister planned a salon day at Karu with hair and makeup for all of the bridesmaids and the mothers of the bride and groom. The staff here was exceptional. Everyone's hair was unique and gorgeous and when I got a little emotional they brought me ice cubes wrapped in foil to keep my face from getting puffy! Exceptional!

One of Tessie's sweet friends took this of me helping the bride into the skirt of her two-piece dress.
A joyful moment in my life! And we did tell her to remove the hair bands on her wrist before she got married...

Our car ride to the church! Markus drove us and our wonderful godmother was in the front seat.
I bought my hot pink lipstick from the Sephora line as a whim before I left for the weekend and I LOVE it!

With the groom and best man on the smoking patio at the reception.
They are both fun and easy going guys and I love having them as new brothers!

The Matchmaker Band was phenomenal and led my sister and her new hubs out of the reception ballroom and down Sixth St in a New Orleans style second line. Everyone on Sixth was stopping and clapping with us!

Our pet sitter left this for us when we got home to Dallas.
Missed L.C. like crazy and was sad to leave but happy to be back!


  1. SO PRETTY!!! You and the bride look absolutely stunning :)

    And that breakfast taco?? I want :)

  2. Haha someone is going to have to remind me to remove the hair bands on my wrist when I get married! I'm constantly spotting them in pictures of me at formal events. Oops. :/

    But really, the weekend looked lovely! Congratulations to your sister! :)

  3. love the pics and reliving the memories! it was a great weekend!


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