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Where do we go from Here: Finding Motivation after Hitting a Health Goal

16 May 2012

So did you know my sister's wedding was last weekend? You didn't? I wouldn't know how, what with the photo diary, endless countdowns and bachelorette party posts...I don't even care because it was amazing and I want to sing of its amazingness all day long! LA LA LA LA LAAAAAA...

I was speaking with one of the bride and I's best friends last night and he and I shared the same sentiment, being, "Why are we so tired and where do we go from here?" The engagement was nine months long and this wedding took a village. Add in the fact that my sister is the darling of our still-closeknit neighborhood group of friends and it is easy to see how last Saturday was the finish to a very exciting whirlwind start of 2012.

Seeing how I was the oldest bridesmaid (by, like, 18 months - but it was a factoid that did not go without my notice) (thank you Markus again at this moment for the pre-wedding Botox intervention. did not need that in my life and I see, exercise meant more than the standard health benefits over the past few months. Now that the wedding is a wrap and  I really don't have any other events of this proportion until the fall, I'm facing an Eliza Doolittle moment. As in wanting to kind of sit on the floor and cry out, "WHAT IS TO BECOME OF MEEEEEUHHH?!"

Instead of this behavior specifically, I've mostly just been (barely) working, sleeping and sitting on my sofa eating processed carbohydrates covered in cheese. The more bright @$$ yellow the cheese, the better.

We've been non-stop [pajama] partyin' this week...

More than a few days without breaking a sweat is the danger zone for me, as I start to forget what endorphins feel like and it becomes more and more difficult to pull myself out from the rabbit hole and get back into my routine.

Here's what I've tried before and am going to be focusing on again soon (pinky swear) to get back on the fitness wagon after I've hit a big goal or date on my calendar:

1. Hot Yoga
This is seriously for me like hitting the "reset" button on my body. The group setting, schweatiness, stretching and increase in heart rate are a great combination for me when it comes to getting back into exercise. It also seems to help me tremendously with getting back into good eating habits and hydrating, as twisting myself into a grunting, glistening pretzel rarely has me craving junk food and go-go juice afterwards. I tout being the fitness DVD queen, but I am always happy to pay a premium for an in-studio yoga class. The guidance, adjustments and warm environment are really key for me in the yoga experience and something that I'm always happy to pay for when I feel I need it!

2. Being my Own (Mean) Personal Trainer
The serious self-talk I have given myself to get dressed and press "play" on a fitness DVD could make for a deleted scene from Rocky if ever recorded. This is a risky venture because no one knows how to negotiate with myself like myself, but when it works and I can actually get going I have no regrets by minute 10 of the program, or at least by the time it's finished! Reward yourself with a recorded TV show or threaten yourself with not being able to watch it, depending upon whether you prefer to reign as a good or bad witch.

3. Scary Pinterest Photos
The fitness boards on Pinterest really do not do anything for me on my more confident days, but bless these young women and their assumed poor relationships with their fathers for putting it all out there and giving me some serious motivation during my lulls and low-points. I don't want these girls' bodies, but they are a good reminder that I can do a little more for myself than what I have going on most days and that it might be time to get off the sofa and give it a shot. There are also lots of great workout quotes on Pinterest if you are more motivated by words than bikini shots fitness photos!

4. Trying Something New
Trying new things is always a big part of how I keep things fresh on the workout schedule, but hitting a previous goal or date is an especially good time to give something new a whirl. I've had some friends that love the barre classes around here so it is very tempting to give one a try. I've also been wanting to try the new spin studio in Dallas, Beyond Pedaling, so this is a great time to bite the bullet and pedal my way back over to the fit side!

How do you find motivation after hitting a fitness goal?


  1. Where do you do hot yoga?! The Berry posts a new daily motivation string every morning...

    1. I did a thirty day pass at American Power Yoga not long ago and LOVED it. Usually when I do a drop in I go to Twist at Marsh and Forest since it's right by my house and fairly advanced/twisty. These are studios set at about 85F+ instead of the 100F, but far more active so you're creating a lot of heat in your body at the same time. I love these motivations! Thank you for the recommendation!

  2. I am serious when I say this but it is a funny image. People who fidget or tap their toes burn 300 more calories a day. It is why I am never too embarrassed to dance in the kitchen to a song I like. I can not sit still during Dancing with the Stars either . :0'


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