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All the Cheesy Birthday (and Summatime) Songs

25 June 2012

I find it easy to get stuck on things. A certain new food or a boy turned husband, for example. Most summers I get just as easily stuck on a song. And since my birthday snuggles right into the high point of the summer (hellooo, July 4 weekend!) my summer anthems often double the song that lyrically defines the next year of my life.

There are songs from summers before that when they play now make me think about how I felt when I was turning 2- years old. Below are some of the songs of summers past that always make me smile now and the one that's been on repeat for me this month!

21 Years Old - "Life's Been Good to Me" by Joe Walsh

I spent June of my college summers in Dallas and July in Lubbock. I loved seeing Dallas friends for the perfect amount of time and then being back in Lubbock for summer school, pool days and nights of doing nothing. The intro of this song is one of the best of all time. I was lucky to know then that so many things about life were never going to get any better or more carefree than on those summer nights, and this song always takes me back to driving aorund Lubbock in my big, black hippie wagon!

23 Years Old - "My Own Two Feet" by the Old 97's

I moved back to Dallas, started an internship with a non-profit I really loved, got my first apartment (and Little Child!) and was engaged during this summer. The album for this song, Blame it on Gravity, came out the week that I graduated and I skipped my ceremony to move to Dallas and go to the launch party. I played this album non-stop all summer and this song was the one I sang with the most conviction. I always think about my short bob haircut and getting lost trying to drive around Dallas in my big, black car when I hear this song.

25 Years Old - "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac

Let's just say that I am way too introspective of a person to get through milestone birthdays without some kind of personal inventory and minor anguish. Landslide coming up on, I swear, every Pandora station I had as I drove to my job that I was not in love with did not heal the wounds of life transition. Thankfully my beloved coworker noticed me coming in with red eyes every morning and told me all about how life gets increasingly better on the other side of the twenties and told me to buck up and start listening to talk radio on my morning commute. I love listening to this song now because the transition to carefree co-ed to quasi-adult was rough but life now is my favorite chapter yet!

27 years old - "Learning to Fly" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

This summer totally rocks. I feel like I've been running ever since I got to Dallas four years ago and I'm finally gaining traction beneath my failing, pedicure-starved feet. Time and opportunities have tested theories that I had years ago and proven that I am right to trust my instincts. I'm around smart people, and my relationships are positive and bring me so much joy. I've learned that you can send love to someone while keeping your boundaries and standards, and that I prefer relationships of quality over quantity. Years of trying to stay frugal and working hard have suddenly put a big, bright light at the end of the tunnel for us and our plan for a family. And when I make a mistake - I'm only 27!

Best. life. everrrr.

Do you have a summer anthem this year?

Are there some songs that bring back the memories of a certain year in your life when you hear them now?

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