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The Big Salad: Making Your Own and Salata Review

14 June 2012

Do you have that one blog where you just can stand the thought of missing a post?

What? It's me? Awww...thank you, guys!

That is how I feel about The Fitnessista. Whether it's a family, fitness or food post I can never stay away.

I've been inspired by her beast salads lately. After swearing off home salads for a while (a gluten-free, mostly vegetarian eats a LOT of salads out, y'all...) I realized the missing element between the Fitnessista's home salads and mine was protein.

After eyeing the Gluten-Free Italian Breaded Sole in my freezer a crazy thought came to mind. My new favorite "big ass salad" was born.

Big @ss Salad Shopping List 
Choice of Organic Greens (my favorite is baby spinach - can't get enough!)
Choice of Fruit (please buy me a shirt that says "I love for Blueberry Season")
Annie's Organic Vinagerette
Udi's Gluten-Free Cranberry Granola
Easy to Prep Protein (this is a gluten-free Italian breaded Sole - yum!)

Heat the protein as directed. 
Throw everything else in your big @ss bowl. 

Prepare for gestational greatness...

If the dream big salad has a birthplace, it is definitely Salata in Dallas. This incredible build-your-own salad place is Markus and I's favorite spot to get some greens. Usually I am wary of salad places for two reasons

1. They give you a limited amount of toppings (maybe 6-8). Then you look at the delectable options and have to start picking them off your dream salad list. For a produce lover like me, it's a situation as traumatic as picking a favorite child and leaving the rest to die. 
2. You are set free to build the salad of your dreams, which will be charged a hefty fee based off of its final weight. You either build with such abandon that your entire week's dining budget goes to a box of lettuce, or you are so wary of the weigh-in that you shake in fear each time a new addition is added to the mix. 

At Salata you pay for the salad ($2-3 extra if you want a protein) and then are free to add to it WHATEVER YOU WANT. There is a myriad of choices and they are all yours. Yours for the takings.

If I start to get homesick at Salata I am soon comforted by their serving ware, which is identical to mine at home. Everything tastes better straight from a mixing bowl. 

What are your necessary additions to a big salad?

Do you have a favorite salad spot that never lets you down when eating out?


  1. omygosh that salad looks delicious! I must make it sooooon.

  2. Yum !!! Love the idea of adding gluten free breaded fish.

  3. Now THAT'S a salad! I like the idea of adding our gluten free granola for some crunch as well. Thanks for posting!


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