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Cousin Quality Quinoa Time

05 June 2012

I know half of you visit my blog to see what I am going to alliterate next. Did you think I couldn't handle the Q words?

I am one of the oldest of our cousins on my mom's side of the family, and the oldest cousin living in Dallas. I love summertime because that means lots of my cousins coming in town for a summer stretch between semesters!

My sister and I were lucky enough to grow up a few blocks over from two of our cousins in the same neighborhood. We're each about two years apart from each other from me down to the youngest who is now a junior in college. We also went to the same school to we were the "brother sister cousins" and have so many memories together at our grandparents' house, at school or our bike club around the neighborhood.

Bike club these days is Markus and my cousin taking to the mountain bike trails after work. They hit up the LB Houston trail yesterday and took some pretty sweet vids, Napoleon Dynamite-style mouth breathing included.

All that comes to mind is "Dude, you got like...six feet of air that time."

I got to do a Turbo Fire DVD while they were adventuring and then started dinner for the hungry wilderness men for their glorious return. Cousin is high meat/protein diet so the boys picked up a rotisserie chicken on the way home and he added it to the vegetarian's favorite protein dishes: quinoa and beans!

I buy the big bags of organic pre-rinsed quinoa at Costco and cook it in vegetable stock, bringing it to a high boil and then turning the heat down and letting it simmer for about 15 minutes until its nice and fluffy. I made my vegan elotes on the side so everyone could mix and matched as they pleased. Mine went on top of my beans and Quinoa as corn is pretty much my favorite condiment.

Since Cousin boy finished this undergrad degree this May (he has one year left and then he will earn his accounting Masters), he got to eat of the red plate. He also get the undistracted affections of Little Child. I think her attention had something to do with that unfamiliar yet all too sensual smell of roasted chicken.

Someone gave us the red plate as a wedding gift and it was a perfect idea. It is so great to use to celebrate accomplishments you might usually go out to dinner for! I think I might have to make it my wedding gift of choice going forward. It really does make you feel special!

After dinner we made a fire and shared stories of life as the young, fabulous and broke. Cousin boy goes to Kansas and it just so happened that I had my 2012 Kentucky NCAA Basketball Champions shirt on. Who would have guessed?

Love all my cousins and spending time with them when they are in town! 


  1. We had that very same red plate at my house growing up...ok, maybe not the very same plate (as I'm sure yours is new), but I LOVED getting to use the red plate as a kid. Needing one for our home.

  2. I love quinoa! And I make mine the same way you do, with vegetable stock. Yum!

    P.S. - Cute cup. :)


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