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26 June 2012

As far as Mondays go, yesterday was le pits. (Quite literally - 104F in Dallas. Woof.)

Like most other online shopping addicts e-commerce enthusiasts, seeing a brown paper package tied up with, um, tape always brings some light to a rough day.

Speaking of light, here's a photo of my cheery new arrival.


The first doormat we bought when we moved into our house had finally worn through. Funny thing about the doormat market - they are either completely generic or completely overpriced. I was really lucky that while I was looking for a replacement, a sale for quirky doormats popped up on my account. With shipping our new addition to the front porch was $25. This is the second time I've ordered off of Fab and each experience has left me pleased as punch.

Of course the entrance to my hippie home features a doormat made from coconut husk and hand stenciled with eco-friendly dyes. Love it.

I think it goes great with my whale doorknocker from We Are 1976 and a leftover topiary from Sistah's wedding centerpieces.


Also in the mix is a tulip chair gliding bench that I bought at Lowe's last year and its buddy that was a birthday present from my best friend. Is there any better birthday gift than a vintage tulip chair rocker from Canton?

To counteract any warm and welcoming feel our patio may provide is our glaring no soliciting sign, since Markus will not have that shit.

See friendly no soliciting sign bottom left.
Add some street numbers so the UPS man can easily know where to place my online shopping packages and you've got yourself front porch. I love sitting out here after walks with Markus and Little Child and pulling up to a bright and homey view makes me happy to be back after a day at work or running errands!

Is there a part of your house that never fails to make you smile?

What's a must for your front steps: perky doormat, plants, someplace to take a good sit?

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