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Deliciously Denton: Beth Marie's Ice Cream and Recycled Books

06 June 2012

After borrowing a bike for the MS 150 87 ride last month, Markus began cruising our beloved suppplier of all things awesome, Craig's List, for a bicycle of his very own. He finally found one that matched his measurements and budget last weekend so we ventured up to Denton to make the trade.

I had been to Denton for a few short trips before to pick up friends from North Texas, but never for a good walking around session. From poking around the interwebs I had heard of a few spots that I wanted to check out if we ever made it so far north of 635 that I couldn't compain about being north of 635. All of my stops were in corners of Denton's adorably hip town square.

Our first stop was Beth Marie's ice cream shop. I could not get over that every single flavor in this shop (and there are a myriad) are made exclusively for Beth Marie's at her ice cream factory (I am imagining something of Wonka-style proportions but colder where everyone has to wear parkas). Thank God I do not live in Denton. I imagine I would pour any life frustrations into my ice cream bowl each afternoon and my friends would have to sponge bathe me and roll me down the hill to class.

I got the Salty Dog, a salted caramel flavor, plus a scoop of chocolate with mallow and hot fudge on top. The inside of the shop is like being in another time, with perfect parlor chairs and a soda fountain that still serves hand-mixed sodas.

Our other stop on the square was to Recycled, the used book and music store in Denton. The chalkboard greeting by the front door told me I was in to meet at least a few fellow bibliophiles inside.

The selection and organization of the books was well done. I find walking amongst rows of this rythym to be completely entrancing...

The music selection also left little to be desired and featured a great range of artists, including a display of local Denton favorites.

A day trip is always made even better by bringing home a few souveniors. Recycled gives out free bumber stickers which we happily took with us for our delightfully tacky refigerator.

And of course Markus finally got his fixie fix! I think he is the spitting image of Steve Carrell in 40-Year-Old-Virgin in this photo, Batman t-shirt and all! 

Markus gave me a copy of a Texas map to keep track of all of our adventures. I was so excited to finally push the Denton pin firmly into place!

Our footprint is spreading!

Are you a day tripper?

What do you want to explore first on a trip: the food, the finds or the attractions?

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  1. That chalkboard message is the best. And in answer to your question: Definitely the food!


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