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Henderson Hot Spots: The Parking Lot and We Are 1976

08 June 2012

My sister and I are 18 months apart and went to the same schools through the end of high school. She's so close with her friends and vice versa that it's sometimes like having one big group of sisters/family. Shannon is defintiely one of these sister friends. We both live in Dallas and have a great relationship as part of "the group" and singuarly as well. She's worked at one of the best local restuarants for years so we love meeting up a good foodie adventure instead of your basic happy hour. We made some time to get together last night and it was good times and good food as always!

Our destination was lower Henderson. I am working on renovating my bathroom over the next month and was in need of a good print for one of the walls. When I think fun, affordable art in Dallas, We Are 1976 immediately comes to mind. They have a great collection of home goods, notecards, jewelry and, their specialty, signed and numbered prints.

After a few laps around the store it was down to these final three:

Having all of my decor items picked out for the space has been a big motivator to get this daunting project begun and finished. I can't wait to show you which of these unique prints I took home with me when I do the bathroom unveil in (hopefully) a few weeks!

While we were at the shop they were setting up for a screen printing class. It looked awesome! The owner let us know that We Are 1976 is expanding to set up a workshop in the Bishop Art's District that will be able to offer even more classes and special events while also selling their signature wares. Their next screen printing class should be sometime in late July and I think I will have to be in attendance! Learn more about their workshops online on their website.

After getting our snooty art collector on, we walked over to Sunflower Farmer's Market for The Parking Lot - a gathering of some of Dallas' top local food trucks that they host on the occassional Thursday night.

I was so excited to go and celebrate my favorite gluten-free, vegetarian restaurant (with or without wheels) getting its City of Dallas food permit! Hoorayyy for many more wonderful nights of alfresco gluten-free dining thanks to the wonderful gals at Good Karma Kitchen.

I had Good Karma's fresh made raspberry lemonade, the spicy asian tacos and the chocolate dream for dessert. The spicy asian tacos were delicious - a lot of the same awesome flavors that they featured on their spicy asian flatbread when they were over at the Fort Worth Food Truck Park. It came with 3-4 tacos (hard to remember in my blissful foodie black-out) and was a great balance of flavors as well as filling! Shannon got food from another truck but also ordered a raspberry lemonade and agreed it was one of the best she's ever tasted. The chocolate dream is exactly as its named - a perfectly sized chuck of chocolate ganache cake. The words moist and rich have never blended together in my mind so perfectly as they do when I think about this incredible dessert!

To keep up with the Good Karma Kitchen girls, follow them on Twitter or Facebook. The Parking Spot is on sporadic Thursday nights, but you can stay in the loop on all the latest food truck stops by checking the calendar on DFW Food Truck Foodie. 

What are some of your favorite Happy Hour activities?

Do you have a favorite food truck or restaurant that you can't wait to see again between visits?

Happy weekend from Pancakes and Beet Juice!

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