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I Wanna Rock: Rock of Ages Review

12 June 2012

Last night Markus and I headed up to Plano for an advanced screening of Rock of Ages, hosted by I Heart Cinema! Nothing gives Monday a swift kick to the face quite like free movie passes.

Ready to rock in our favorite movie seats - front row with the bar to put your feets on!
I am a long time lover of musical theater and have been wanting to see Rock of Ages but I missed it when it came through town last year. The movie version definitey had all of the energy and excitement of a live performance - everything from the costumes to the coreography (and of course the hair) was big, big, BIG. I loved this movie!!

View the Official Trailer Above!

As much as not having seen the musical before diminished my street cred, I was really glad that it worked out where I saw the movie first. I thought the cast was absolutely exceptional. I have been a fan of Julianne Hough for a long time. Like, I might even own some of her dance fitness DVDs. The same goes for Catherine Zeta Jones, who was in a more supporting role than her incredible performance in Chicago but did not miss a beat as the mayor's wife with a past. It is so easy to see her musical theater background in her ensemble dances because she hits her moves perfectly every time! The high school theatre geek in me was completely awestruck.
Speaking of great performances, Tom Cruise as the iconic rockstar Stacee Jaxx was insanely fun. People have their opinions of Tom and his marriage but I just can't just on board with the haters. I would totally be Katie Holmes. If accepting a little scientology with my life of Sprinkles cupcake eating, taking my daughter to see Broadway shows and having my fashion line sell at Barney's is what a tortured life as Mrs Tom Cruise is like, chain me to the wall. Plus Tom and I have the same birthday, so, as he says in Rock of Ages, he's my "rock brother."

I have not had this fun at a movie in a long time. Maybe since my most memorable night at The Muppets, which coincidentally also featured Jefferson Starship on its soundtrack and was hosted by I Heart Cinema.

This movie has it all - laughs, singing, dancing, gay friendly (not family friendly, btw - think where rock went to die in the 90's as it waited to be resurrected by kickass fraternity guys two decades later...that's right, strip clubs and pole dancing a plenty in some Rock of Ages scenes). There is something for everyone in this fun film!

I Heart Cinema handed out Arsenal (the lead rock band in the movie) t-shirts to a few lucky attendees. Markus scored one and wore it to the after party (bedtime) where he dreamed rockstar dreams!

To get movie passes in the thirteen cities where I Heart Cinema hosts advanced screenings, like I Heart Cinema on Facebook or follow @IheartCinemanet on Twitter!

What's your favorite 80's rock song?

Are you going to go see Rock of Ages this weekend?

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