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20 June 2012

Costco makes the world go 'round for two hippie homemakers and food eaters. There are so many home items and groceries that would not be affordable enough to make it on our list if they were not purchased at a lower price at Costco!

Summertime is when Costco really shines. I just overload myself of ginormous crates of organic blueberries, juicy mangos, ripe tomatoes for salads and burgers and oranges by the crate that I take to work each morning as a snack.

We shop the produce at Costco by what is in season and then have a regular list of what we pick up from the other aisles. I've outline the first part of our list here, but a few new favorites have made their way into the rotation. 

These sweet potato fries taste great and are so much faster than trying to bake an entire sweet potato in the oven. These are a regular when I go home for lunch and are awesome when sprinkled with a little sea salt and cayenne before putting in the oven!

The best moment on the Bachelorette this season was the poor young man who did not know how to pronounce Quinoa. This bag is a great buy since it is prerinsed, which will save you a lot of trouble and prep time!

Like Picasso's blue phase or a Kardashian's NBA player phase, I am obviously very much in my sweet potato phase of life right now. These are awesome as an office desk snack and give my beloved sweet potato a crunch factor.

It is so rare that anything in patty form is gluten-free, but these salmon burgers are safe and feature an ingredients list that I can almost entirely pronounce. I've fallen in love with adding protein to my salads lately and these are the perfect topping after being heated in the oven! (Next to my sweet potato fries. Mmmmmm, sweet potato..)

How do you try to save money while shopping for healthy foods? Are you a Costco kid?

What are some "must haves" on your grocery lists?


  1. Sweet potato fries?! They are my kryptonite.
    You are seriously making me want to go get a Costco membership. I had no idea their food selection was so good (and healthy!). In all honesty, I thought Costco was a kind of Home Depot before you described it, haha.

    1. Hi Liza! I was in the same boat. I went to Costco with a friend to get some bulk items and was completely blown away! Their organic selection is awesome and one of the ways that our family is able to eat healthy foods on a budget. They also have eco-friendly home items from paper towels and cleaning supplies to energy star home improvement kits. I know you guys would totally dig it! Hope you are enjoying a gorgeous summer on the east coast!


  2. Ohhh! I love Terra Sweet Potato chips ! So happy to know Cotsco has them . I always tell myself how good they are for me and my skin while devouring ! ;0'


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