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New Design District Digs - Again & Again and Scout Interiors

30 June 2012

As I've posted a few times before, the Design District in Dallas is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, areas of our fine city. I work just a few blocks away and when I first started my job I was over whipping out my credit card with rapid fury browsing every day. One very full house (and very shallow looking checking account) later I promised myself that I would only venture over to Riverside if it was of utmost importance. 

Utmost importance like new showrooms for two of my favorite designers and dealers in Dallas? Obviously. 

My first stop yesterday after work was to the new Again & Again furniture space on Riverside. This store has been doing incredible upholstery and design work on vintage furniture for years and it is so exciting to see them in a space where they will really be able to grow and flourish! 

Head down Riverside and it's right next to Big Mango Trading Co. Look for the bright pink door!

The Pink Pagoda was at the showroom earlier this week and took some great photos of the new space. There were some pieces that had me standing slackjawed that I had to snap them on my phone for myself. 

I have the white four poster bed from Ikea and I wanted to take home this bench to place at the end of it. My sterile, Scandinavian bedroom furniture is begging for a little fancy...

Speaking of, I feel there might be few things fancier than a porcelain camel for your home. I think this guy and Little Child would get along great! There are lots of elks and elephants in home decorating right now, and I think it might be time for camels to have their moment. And if Kate Spade has taken notice than I'm usually put on high alert. 

Lots of fun things are coming to this space, like a fabric bar where you can make your re-upholstery dreams come alive and a lamp bar to mix and match their selection of vintage finds. I also hear whispers of a custom headboard station!

My "shut the front door" moment at Again & Again was over this peacock screen, most surely previously owned by Auntie Mame herself. I would, without hesitation, sell a body organ to acquire this. (Buyer's choice.)

My next Design District destination was over to 155 Howell St for the pre-opening warehouse sale at Scout Interiors. This showroom and back warehouse space is going to be opening in mid August. They're opening the doors this weekend only to preview their look and move some great summer finds!

One of the girls behind the warehouse sale is Kristen Dowd from Gypsy Soul Interiors. I first bought some furniture from Kristen off of Craig's List years ago, then stalked frequented her White Elephant space and now that she's moved her business to Facebook, I'm a full out furniture creeper. 

I loved this Thomasville buffet/bar cart love child below. It is the perfect size for a smaller dining room space that you might have in a condo or apartment.

I loved this elephant table when I first saw it on the Gypsy Soul Interiors Facebook page. I've started trying to rationalize that I can buy nursery furniture and save it for later use. Knowing this elephant is stashed away in a closet of mine for the future would make me sleep well at night, though probably leave completely jinxed.

These black and white drawings are gorgeous in person!

This chip and dip bowl came home with me...

as well as a pet lobster for my new bathroom. 

These framed prints were hilarious and would be awesome hung individually or as a set.

The last thing to make my eyes go wide in the showroom was this deer mold with a row of hooks beneath it. It took everything I had not to buy this and hang my necklaces off of it!

The warehouse sale runs from 9am - 6pm today. I highly recommend it! Scout Interiors just so happens to be next to Again & Again's former warehouse space, where they have a few pieces left that they don't want to move marked down to 50% off. This is Dallas amazing furniture finds history, people.

I love shopping vintage. My house feels so much more interesting and I feel like I saved a perfectly perfect piece of furniture from getting thrown away and put in a landfill. 

Happy weekend from Pancakes & Beet Juice!


  1. I love those chairs in the picture from Again & Again! So cute! And those prints crack me up.

    Great finds, Lilly!

  2. I've lived in Dallas for almost five years now and didn't even know we HAD a design district. Who knew?!?

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