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What's SUP, Dallas - Stand Up Paddleboarding on White Rock Lake and Bicycle Cafe

10 June 2012

Although it seems like we're never over there as much as we should be, Markus and I have a special love for White Rock Lake. We used to take Little Child to the dog park there when she was a small puppy and we had our wedding reception at Winfrey Point!

On our first anniversary we rented a canoe from White Rock Paddle Co. and took Little Child out to see where her parents celebrated their marriage. It was a great experience and I was so excited when White Rock Paddle Co started carrying rental equipment for the new water sport of choice (according to respected sources such as Us Weekly) - Stand Up Paddleboarding!

White Rock Paddle Co ran a Living Social voucher for Stand Up Paddleboards (called SUPs by the cool kids) and we've been working to find a spot in our schedule to go ever since we purchased one.

After reserving our SUPs online the day before our visit, we pulled up to the White Rock Paddle Co stand right before 7pm on Friday.

The guys helped us get our gear and provided a quick tutorial before launching us out on the lake. From there is was, well you know, smooth sailing!

White Rock Lake is the perfect spot for a first time paddleboarder. Since motor boats are not permitted on the lake it stays calm and it's easy to get a feel for the board and learn to turn around - or stand on your head while on the board if you are a total showoff my loving spouse. 

We paddled out to the middle of the lake and decided to link our boards together with our paddles and have a little conversation and meditation time. This is the Friday night happy hour scene I prefer!

After an hour of paddling around, I was ready for a hearty dinner! We packed up and drove over to Bicycle Cafe, a spot right off the White Rock trail.

I ordered a fresh squeezed spinach, carrot and celery juice and their famous quinoa bowl. The quinoa bowl is a big helping of the protein seed along with tomatoes, pineapple, bell peppers, onion and your choice of protein topping. I had mine with tilapia and Markus got the tofu.

Markus loved his bowl and mine was great as well! We both added some sriracha sauce which made me feel like it would be even better if served with a sauce. We both cleared our bowls without anything left over!

The best part of Bicycle Cafe was seeing all the cyclists and runners come in for a meal or cup of coffee. The place has a great feel. I loved the "taxidermy" handlebar decor!

Have you tried Stand Up Paddleboarding before?

What is your favorite water sport?

Do you crave a certain food after some quality lake time?

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  1. Those handlebars are so cool! I've always wanted to try SUP, but haven't yet. Glad you had fun!


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