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A Win at Bread Winners: Gluten-free Foccacia

21 June 2012

Last week I was talking to a friend about her newly adapted gluten-free lifestyle and told her "Life is easier when you stick to salads when going out instead of taking a gamble on a restaurant's new gluten-free product."

Of course only three nights later I rode my bike over to Bread Winners to try their new gluten-free foccacia and completely ate my words. I ate them all up and would have happily signed up for seconds.

Oh the gluten-free bun, what a run we've had together. While I appreciate the eateries that make an effort to have you around, you're often soggy, crumbly, tossed in the back of the walk-in and left to perish and then taken out and slapped on my plate without forethought or preparation. While I love what you stand for, you're more of a stand by than a first pick, saved only for when my friends want to meet at a burger place or sandwich shop that offers little else for my silly stomach.

My past history with gluten-free bread at restaurants set the bar low for me last night, but Bread Winners' reputation and my happy experiences there tickled my curiousity. I was excited to go in and be one of their first gluten-free girls. People who love food work at Bread Winners, so my service was exceptional as always and the manager and other waitstaff came by to see how I was enjoying their newest menu addition.

The official opinion of both Markus and I was:

Totally awesome! First taste was great. It has a true foccacia flavor and absorbed the pesto on my sandwich really well. Half way through our sandwiches Markus and I could not believe that it was still in tact, as this is almost never the case because restraunts don't realize that gluten-free bread that has been stored in a refrigerator usually needs to be toasted before serving. It was soft enough to take the flavors of the sandwich but a true artisan bread that gives you a good chew. I wanted to order three more slices and just dip it in olive oil.

You can get the gluten-free foccacia on your sandwiches and burgers at all Bread Winners locations for a $2.00 upgrade to the menu price. I love the quaint New Orleans feel of the McKinney Ave location for date night. The Inwood and Lovers outpost is just a bike ride away from our home. It's a good thing the staff is friendly because I think they're going to be seeing us quite a bit.

Adding to Bread Winner's local feel is their dedication to giving back to Dallas area initiatives through their Community Giveback program. As you scramble to set a date on your social calendar to go try this new offering, may I suggest a Tuesday night out, June 26, at the McKinney Ave. location benefitting Pencils of Promise? 10% of all sales from the evening are going straight to this phenomenal global education and health non-profit!

Someone please make me a t-shirt: "Will Eat [Gluten-Free] Carbs for Charity."

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  1. We are traveling to Dallas and are GF. Thank you for sharing this as I didn't see any gluten free references on their menu!


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