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Big Birthday Weekend - Photo Diary

05 July 2012

I think I might be crossing the line for number of acceptable iPhone photos in a blog post. Who wants to write me up as being the latest blogging faux pas?

Since my birthday was on Tuesday and Wednesday was a holiday, Markus and I took Monday and Tuesday off work and made it one long staycation for both of us. We looked forward to this for all of June and loved to ask each other, "Can you believe that it's only XX days until we have FIVE days off of work to hang out together?!" After all that waiting and can't believing it finally came and was a million times better than I could have imagined.

I've loved birthdays past with big plans and all my friends. Sartre said, "hell is other people," as while I was a big of a hermit for this birthday, I have to admit I was in absolute Heaven for five, glorious days.

Some highlights include:

Bumming Around

We bummed aorund a lot. We were renovating the bathroom this weekend so there were a lot (a LOT) of trips to Lowe's and days with minimal personal prep. I loved the morning that we woke up and got dressed before realizing that we were wearing his and hers band t-shirts. The family that jams together hits grand slams together?

Beastie Boys vs. Woody Guthrie - who is your pick?
People think I baby Little Child but Markus is a total softie for her. If I didn't spend so much one-on-one time with her I would hardly know if she could walk with how much Markus carries her around. She loves to be held by him and then wiggle out a little bit where she can hang upside down. Is this normal dog behavior or do we have some sort of monkey dog?

White Rock Lake Trail

I finally rode White Rock Lake Trail on my bike this week! It was so fun and I am totally addicted now. I would love to ride and then finish up with a lovely paddle board or kayaking session sometime. My favorite part was convincing a turtle that he had more life to give us and helping him move out of the middle of the bike path. He reminded me of my pet turtle from college, Walter. I was completely taken with him.

Rangers Game

On Sunday night Markus took me to the Rangers game! This is one of our favorite date nights. Markus pedicabs at the Rangers games on the weekends (very sporadically, murderers who want to check the schedule and come to my house for a good murdering sesh can just chill) and he got one of his pedicabbing friends to take us up to the park from our car. It was so fun to see what he does for a "living!"

They've done some great updates to the park, mostly big screens and awnings around home run alley. The awnings seemed to be a huge help for people who wanted to stay out of the heat and enjoy their drink or meal before walking all the way back to their seats. Lots of new food in this area too, including a taco and nachos stand with queso blanco nachos and a real tortilla maker machine! Rangers, why you so fancy.

Glorious shade!
I really wanted to wear my Kentucky shirt to the game (and every day), but knew I needed some home team insignia. Markus bought me this hat from the team store. My mom randomly found the Rangers hat my grandfather bought me when he took me to a game for my birthday when I turned 13 and brought it over this weekend. I love special memories like that!

The Big 2-7

My birthday was so relaxing and fun. I got project obsessed and I would wake up every day and go check the bathroom to see if it somehow magically finished itself in the middle of the night. Markus knew exactly where to stash my presents where I would easily find them..

We bummed around and when I was in the shower Markus surprised me with a medley of some of my favorite songs. He likes to play, but shower serenades are a once in a blue moon occurence that always get me so excited! He played Rhett Miller's Come Around, Billy Bragg & Wilco's California Stars and lots of Randy Travis, because you don't get to judge someone re: their love of Randy Travis on their birthday. Them's the rules.

We met my mom and my Nannie for lunch at Neiman Marcus. I love the gluten-free menu in the bistro on the third floor. I had the salmon citrus salad with warm goat cheese and a caramel souffle! We also brought one of our family's current obsessions, macarons from Creme de la Cookie in vanilla, lemon and pistachio.

Delicious caramel souffle!
The amazing foods did not end at lunch, though. I also tried the frozen teamonade from City Cafe for the first time. Garnished with mint and lemon, this is the frozen concoction that Mr. Buffet surely wrote songs about.

By the time I got home I had a fresh Edible Arrangements sitting on my doorstep from Sistah, ready for me to devour! The Edible Arrangement is the cookie bouquet of the gluten-free family. How adorable are the little pineapple Hello Kitty faces?! Almost too cute too eat. Almost...

My final birthday food adventure was to see my girl, the elotes lady up at the El Rancho by my house. She makes my elotes just right and is a special part of my life, so it's only fitting that I wrapped my favorite day of the year by her side.

I was obsessed with my long weekend! It was so wonderful and I know when I think back to this chapter in my life at this house with Markus, I'll recall so many of our funny and wonderful memories we made just hanging around the past few days. Lord knows I love a night at the Four Seasons like the rest of them, but there are few things better than waking up in your own bed, dog piled beneath the people that love you, knowing that you've got a whole bunch of nothing to do. 

What's your favorite kind of birthday: party like its 1999 or easy like Sunday morning?

How did you spend your Fourth of July?!

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