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Celebrating Little Child

07 July 2012

Yesterday was July 6 - the day we picked up Little Child four years ago!

I got LC the summer that I moved to Dallas after college. She made my apartment a home and she made Markus and I a family. She made me a mom! 

We've had a lot of fun all together over the years. Road trips to Austin, swim parties and a trip to the Rangers game...

There's been scary times too, like when she at an entire pack of hair bands before Markus and I were supposed to be at a holiday party. We sat up at the emergency vet in our tacky Christmas sweaters before I handed over the bulk of my life savings. I saw her first seizure this year, but we've been really lucky to have been free of repeat incidents that I've seen since then.

What I'll always remember about my sweet puppy girl are the afternoons and nights that we spent together when Markus was in school or working late, napping on the sofa or playing in the yard. The two of us just get on together like a perfect pair.

We took L.C. to Sprinkles last night to get her a pupcake and thank her for all of the love she's given us over the years.

Their gluten-free red velvet cupcakes might have given me the idea. I love these cupcakes!

So happy that she loved it before we took a walk around the shopping center!

Happy adoption day, Little Child!

Do you celebrate pet milestones at your house?

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  1. how fun! lucky pup. this post makes me wish that there was a Sprinkles in Austin!


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