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Friday Field Trips: Uptown Country at Snider Plaza

06 July 2012

To put a little pep in our step towards the end of the work week, my coworkers and I like to suggest Friday Field Trips. We plan to lunch at a favorite or new spot that may or may not have a shop or other girly attraction nearby. Last week's outing included a trip to Uptown Country in Snider Plaza.

I was completely under the false impression before my visit to Uptown Country last week, that if you've seen country chic once, you've seen it all. I wouldn't in a million years turn down a visit to Ms. Ashwell's Brenham B&B, but I've been in a much more mid-century mindset lately so I didn't see my tastes jiving with what I thought a country homegoods store might have to offer. I. was. wrong.

My first reaction to walking into the store was not what I expected: bright, bold colors everywhere. Poppy reds and gutsy oranges and teals were found on furniture, garden stools and home accessories.

Uptown Country's specialty is vintage furniture updating and design, which makes my hippie heart happy since shopping vintage is shopping recycled!

Since my home is furnished for the time being, I paid extra special attention to all of the unique accessories in the store.

I have almost zero photos framed at our house. Usually I am not very interested in the Bed, Bath and Beyond style frame clusters (I gave at least a few to Goodwill after they were given to us as wedding gifts. oops.), but I love the vintage vibe of this frame set below.

I am dead for most things having to do with books and anything having to do with horses, so excuse me while I die for these bookends.

I love, love a good silhouette. Uptown Country works with local artist Allyson Hall at About Face Silhouettes to sell custom silhouettes is bright (yay - brights!) colors through the store. This sample is of Allyson's daughter. I was so excited to hear that they also take pet commissions! I think a silhouette of Little Child will go quite nicely in our hall bath under Markus and I's cutouts. The store also works with one of my favorite local designers, Southern Fried Paper, and sells her notecards and prints in the shop. Local business woman selling cute stuff supporting other local business women making cute stuff = the way shopping should be!

This smaller sunburst mirror and perfect brass bar cart feed my mid-century obsession in a country chic style.

My personal rule against frame clusters already out the window, I decided to also break my rule on kitchen signs and become completely obsessed with the one below. After a tortured week of trying to live without this sign, I went by on Tuesday and it now hangs above our back door.

Seriously, why drive to Canton when all the country love is just a few feet away from JD's Chippery and with air conditioning?

Uptown Country sells salvaged and painted pieces, but will also repaint furniture you already own or sell you paint to give it a DIY try! I loved the many shades of paint they had for sale and my coworker bought a quart to give it a go on an old dresser. I can't wait to see how her project turns out!

For those of you not in the Dallas area, Uptown Country has a great online shop where you can have many of their store offerings and more shipped right to your home. Their website also features a great blog, The Daily Uptown Country, that shows updated store inventory and design ideas!


  1. I love this and will be visiting very soon! Fun field trip. :)

  2. Jenny's shop is the best! Great post ~ Karla :)


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