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Rent the Runway Review: Issa Wrap Dress (the Kate Middleton Engagement One, Y'all) (The "Y'all" is for Extra Fangirl Emphasis)

30 July 2012

Have you ever lurked a webite so hard that you were somehow able to manifest its product right to your door? Apparently that is my secret super power, because I love lurking on Rent the Runway and my creepiness enthusiasm for their designer dress and accessory rental program paid off when I recieved a free surprise dress from Rent the Runway to review this weekend!

Before you become completely envious of my high-profile blogger lifestyle, allow me to clear the air by stating that this promotion was through their marketing department to various members of the site and had nothing to do with my blog, as much as a blog with the words "beet juice" in the title screams fashion elite. They encouraged surprise dress recipients to post plenty of pictures in the dress to their Facebook page (which I did. because I love putting pictures of myself on Facebook), but this review comes from my own place of yes - yes to their fabulous idea and logistics, and to the, THE, fabulous dress I got to try for the night!

Our story begins as a lowly, 27 year old commonwealth girl sits in her home stateside and watches the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, watching the Duchess of Cambirdge and wondering what it might really be like to get to borrow her wardrobe, and hopefully her shiny, shiny hair, if only for one evening. At that very moment a package arrives at the door. (Editor's Note: For real, y'all this really, really happened. I still sit here in bewilderment of it all.)

Inside the box, there it is, hanging securely in a garment bag as if my lady in waiting had just picked it up from the cleaners for me. (I'm assuming this is what ladies in waiting do?)

Issa's Green Royal Wrap Dress! The same dress Kate wore in sapphire to announce her engagement to Prince William. Since I do not have an engagement to announce, that being squared away a few years ago and all, I wore it to a date night that Markus has planned in advance of knowing that I would be sporting such an exciting ensemble. Wearing such a special dress made the whole evening even more fun! As Carrie Bradshaw would say, "The dress...upped the ante."

Before we took off for the evening I snapped a photo to send to my mom and Pippa Sistah, who both loved the dress and sent me tons of googly face text messages of excitement.

Duchess of America!
Our first stop was to the Nasher Sculpture Center to check out the NATO exhibit. Since you get to walk through the elevated installation, I was asked to upgrade my look to add some of these eyecatching booties:

Asking me to pair blue booties with my Issa? All is fair in love and date night.
Just having a Kate moment, dressed to the nines while supporting the arts in my community...

After the museum we had dinner at Texas de Brazil. The hostess loved my dress and asked if we wanted a photo of the two of us. As a Duchess in training I was happy to oblidge for public fan photos. snapped on my own iPhone. for myself.

After an amazing dinner, it was over to the theatre for a movie. I loved how this dress matched some of my favorite go-to accessories. My zebra bangle from Longhorn Fashions and a blue Laura Merkin fan clutch that I got for my birthday last summer! 

While returning the dress after a great weekend as a Copy Kate was not easy for me emotionally, the logistics were. I just dropped the dress in the prepaid USPS envelope and put in the mail!

Things I learned from my night in the Issa dress:
1. Expensive dresses are worth it. They make you look and feel great. People can spot a great dress from a mile away and aren't afraid to tell you how great it is.
2. Rent the Runway is totally worth it for special occassions. I realized I'd rather spend money renting an amazing dress than buying something on a budget and not feeling as great in it. The system is so easy and stress free! I think next time I will be renting some of their great accessories!

If you have a wedding this season, work for a company that throws great holiday parties or are of prom age - Rent the Runway is totally worth it!

What do you think: would you ever rent a dress for a special occassion?

If you could rent one of your favorite celebrity's looks, what would it be?


  1. Wow, you are so lucky? I will def be renting a dress for some occasions his fall, and they gave me a 50 credit! cat

  2. I love that green dress! I wish I could rent the blue dress with the lace back that Kate wore a few months ago. I love how you styled it with the Kendra Scott necklace and the Longhorn Fashions bangle, of course :-).

  3. Thanks for sharing your fairy tale experience . Thanks for sharing your princess secrets too .

  4. That dress looks fab on you, and what a fun idea to rent a really nice dress instead of buying a mediocre one!

  5. You know, I am slowly accepting that when I wear heels and a dress out, people aren't secretly going, "What a liar! She so wears jeans all the time!" so... yes. If the dress was awesome, I'd rent one. That dress made you look like a rockstar, so I'm inspired to start buying more!

  6. Whoa! That is awesome; you look terrific in the Issa.

    Obviously if I got to pick a royal closet to raid, Princess Shinylocks' would be the one. I'm a longtime RTR user myself, so I will hurry over there to see if they have any other Kate favorites.

  7. You are so adorable and look stunning in that Issa dress! You created a perfect Kate Middleton moment for yourself! : ) Plus, your writing had me smiling and giggling!

    I would be all over renting a Rachel Bilson look!

    xoxo Kerry

  8. Okay, okay... Can I just say one word?? JEALOUS!

    That is gorgeous on you & I am loving the accessorizing!

    I would love to wear certain things that Anne Hathaway has worn! But, really, there are SO many celebs whose style I love!

    :) Maigen


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