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Austin Shops: Sixth, South Congress and Burnt Orange Chic

03 August 2012

When I brought some things down to Sistah in Austin a few weekends ago I only had a few requests. I wanted to eat some really good food (by some I mean a lot), get a little one on one time with Markus and brave South Congress on a Saturday to shop for treasures and oddities.

My personal home style is a mix of class prep Regency that's been inundated with the completely bizarre. We may not be opening our doors for an Elle Decor spread anytime soon but it's working for us and my recent Austin finds are definitely contributing to the unique atmosphere. Here's a journey through my day of treasure hunting!

South Congress Stops:

1. Tesoros Trading Company 

This is a great mix of world goods, many authentic and many with a good sense of humor. I love religious icons of any faith, being a good Catholic girl and all, and after loving The Secret Life of Bees in college I have a special fondness for any Black religious figures. I thought this little gem was breathtaking and she came home with me to live on my shelf of spiritual icons in my kitchen.

Markus spotted the signs for this record shop while I was in one of my favorite vintage stores ever, Feathers Boutique (unfortunately no finds to share from Feathers this time, due to my obscene eating habits keeping my body from fitting into the glamorous dresses of yore). This store was tucked back in the alley and really fun. A good selection of vinyl and great atmosphere - the cashier was spinning in the store! We had been looking for a good crate to keep our vinyl in at home and got a wooden one from here that is tres legit.

See the wooden record crate in its natural habitat: the home of the modern bohemian...

This was the store that really brought me to tantrum levels of insistence upon our group's journey to SoCo on a blazing summer Saturday. I had seen decorated light switch plates here years ago and on this trip some were coming home with me. I was so so lucky to get there and see that they were still something they carried in the store!

I purchased two and really love them in my home. If you have different opinions than me re: the amazingness of chicken and skeleton mermaid switchplates, well as we all learned this week I am entitled to my "freedom of speech" to post about their greatness so maybe this post's comments section is not the place for you.

See? There is something about a sequined chicken light switch plate that really adds something to the room.

4. Alley Market in South Congress featuring The Plaid Pigeon

The little alleyway market in the middle of South Congress is definitely worth a stroll. My favorite booth was The Plaid Pigeon, who also has an Etsy site. How insanely incredible are these mini succulent planters made out of plastic figurines? I espeically like the dinosaur ones. I would be great to keep on your desk at work to subtley scan your office to see who is a Creationist based on their reactions to your new desk accessory. These ship across the country with the plant inside, making it a great graduation gift or alternative to sending someone flowers on their birthday.

Burnt Orange Chic:

I know since I blog you all assumed that I was the famous one of the family. I never meant to lie to you, just distract you from the truth that this theory is simply untrue. You see, Sistah is in fact the owner of Longhorn Fashions and its new boutique on wheels, The Trendy Trailer. This means two things 1) I continue to cower in her spotlight, unworthy of sharing her chromosomes of chicness and 2) I get to go shopping every time I see her! When I was in Austin I purchased (that's right, FTC blogger guidelines, purchased - small business owners have enough trouble without greedy sisters demanding free swag) these bracelets from Longhorn Fashions! I have been wanting a enamel animal bangle and love the burnt orange on here as a more subdued alternative to the usual bright pinks and greens one typically sees of an accessory this preppy. The horse bit on the wrap bracelet is totally awesome and a perfect momento for my recent journey into English riding.

Souveniors from Sixth Street:

We stayed downtown on our mini trip and did a little walking around the area. Most of the stores are filled with Texas souveniors, which I don't espeically need being from Texas myself, but this one shirt in the window stopped me dead in my tracks and I knew it must be mine. Besides the J.Crew favorite tees, I mostly stay away from t-shirts, but they are an American closet staple when it comes to housework, home projects and general bumming around. I try to politely refuse freebies and stick to promoting my true loves through my tees: hillbilly music and The Muppets. My new Willie shirt is a perfect addition to the drawer!

What do you like to look for when shopping on vacation?

Do you have a favorite city for shopping?


  1. I love those mini succulent planters! Had so much fun with you that day! come back!

  2. I totally love the bracelets you so kindly paid for! ;) So fun & unique!

    It was so fun to meet you and Ruthie at the Rue event! And thanks so much for following LCDF! I'm digging your blog, too!

    Are you going to the Madewell event on the 16th?



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