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Blogger Meetup This Saturday: The Trendy Trailer by Longhorn Fashions Dallas Debut!

16 August 2012

Ok, by blogger meetup I kind of mean, "Why don't you come meet up with me?"

That's right, I know blogger buzz words and I'm not afraid to use them.

But seriously, you don't want to miss this! You may have noticed over the past few weeks that I've been speaking of burnt orange way too much for a proud graduate of Raiderland. I haven't sold my soul to the devil or, even worse, decided to pursue post-graduate education opportunities. I'm having a proud Sistah moment for my darling better (and smaller) half who has built a burnt orange empire from the ground up!

Longhorn Fashions is her company that sells the best in burnt orange apparel and accessories with price points that are managable for students and young professionals (and everyone else - hello budget babes and recessionistas and whatever other cute names we have these days for potential Millionaires Next Door who want to look cute while contributing to our retirement funds).

My favorite thing about Longhorn Fashions is everything is purchased in really low quantities. With all the dresses and jewlery being as cute as it is, I'm sure she could order items in mass amounts and watch the money roll in, but she stands by the principle that she built the business for girls to stand out at games. Stocking many different styles in low amounts is her way of doing that! **applause, applause**

Most business women might build a website and call it a day, but little sis is the type to always looking for how to take it to the next level and really wanted to get out and meet her fellow football fans. She's spent all summer restoring a 1963 Airstream turned boutique on wheels, lovingly called The Trendy Trailer, and is ready to show it off - this Saturday night in Dallas!

We're going to dress up, eat Chicken Scratch chicken and dance around to one of my all time favorite Dallas acts, Salim Nourallah. I always dig a Salim show and he'll be playing with his new band, The Travoltas.

I've been humming my favorite of his songs all week in preperation...

I hope you'll join me in supporting a female business owner who just so happens to be a close friend and former crib mate of mine! Like any good blogger event, there will be swag. Nothing says former frat sweetheart turned hipster like a pair of burnt orange wayfarers, am I right?

Hope to see you there!

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  1. This was a blast ! It was great to party and shop!


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