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Celebrating Julia Child at Rise No1

20 August 2012

As someone who spent most of her days as a young girl with her grandfather or watching Nick at Nite, there are many pop culture icons of yesteryear that are familiar and endearing to me, such as Mark Twain, Woody Guthrie and Aunt Bee and Opie. Julia Child, for some reason, was one that I've come to know more and more growing up. What a woman of courage and substance! I've enjoyed everything I've read about her. Her 100th birthday was last week and we were so lucky in Dallas to be able to celebrate it with such flair at Rise No1's birthday luncheon in her honor.

One of the things I really love about Rise is the homey decor that is quirky without ever being campy. I love marquee letters (we have our initials in our back yard that I purchased from Junkadoodle), and this sign really does its job every time I walk into Rise!

The deal of the day was a free lunch for all guests who came dressed in an outfit inspired by Julia Child. Any thoughts of it being smaller offerings went out the window when my friends and I saw the hearty prix fixe menu selections! Like always, the staff was able to let me know which of their souffles could be made gluten-free upon request and there was no additional charge for my special diet needs. 

As we spoke with our friendly waitress, she let us know that we were seated at the Bush Family Table (a four-up right by the front door for optimal people watching). The Bush family loves Rise and if you sit at the table you'll see the his and hers autobiographies on the bookshelf. Move your silverware and open the top of the table (it's actually a restored vintage French school desk) to see where different members of the family and their friends have signed it at each visit! I was in Condoleezza Rice's seat. Talk about a power lunch!

After the Rise No1 salad, I enjoyed the crab souffle for my lunch. It was warm, fluffy and packed with flavor! I love going to Rise at Christmas time since their entrees are best piping hot and enjoyed with good friends before looking at lights. A piping hot souffle is better for the soul than a bowl of chicken soup any day.

Below is proof that you can find good service dressed in drag outside of Cedar Springs. We loved the chef's Julia outfit!

Soon it was time for my favorite course in the world of souffles (and you know, anywhere) - dessert! The strawberry souffles at Rise are naturally gluten-free and 100% heavenly. I love pouring in the sugar syrup. It's a close second food moment behind tapping the top of a creme brulee. 

Many of the gorgeous items that decorate Rise are actually for sale! The restaurant is now carrying two books on Julia that were just published in the past year and are at a limited number of retailers. The children's book has some gorgeous illustrations and the biography seemed to bring the conversation of her accomplished life to a new level. 

I love grabbing lunch with these gorgeous and fun women! A trip to Rise really feels like you're getting away -whether it's from the office or your regular date night spot. I always feel light as a feather and happy as a clam after a meal at Rise and can't wait to go back! I've heard whispers that their Julia Child birthday celebration may become an annual traidion. Mark your date books now!

Is there a food or restaurant that always feels like a special treat for you when you go?


  1. How cool! I love Rise! A couple of years ago, a student game me a gift card so we finally gave it a whirl and loved it! I heard about the celebration, but it was too late for me to attend :(

  2. I love all of those aprons! Looks like it was such a fun lunch!

  3. Oh my, yes! You ordered my two favorite souffles! And I couldn't agree more about pouring in the sugar syrup being a close second food moment behind tapping the top of a creme brulee! You're my kind of girl! xoxo


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