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Dallas Does Vintage: Dolly Python

13 August 2012

Dallas has so many awesome antique stores. Some are swanky, some are more traditional and some are very delightfully weird.

I like the weird ones. Like Dolly Python.

Dolly Python is a vintage clothing and oddities shop near Fair Park that is kind of like if Dr Dolittle, Auntie Mame and the entourage of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band had a garage sale. A few times a year I just have to go here and am unrelentless in getting it on our family's weekend agenda. Markus is good about taking me because its fun to look around and he finds how excited I can get at the sight of a monkey in a doctor's outfit or similar to be one of my most endearing qualities. 

Usually it is my search for something specific that pulls me to the Python. It's not a sure thing that they'll have it, but I'm always sure that if there is a store in Dallas that's going to have what I'm looking for, it's gotta be D.P. This time I was looking for vintage cowboy boots to wear to a party this weekend and the upcoming Old 97's concert at the House of Blues. They didn't have the perfect pair for me, but it's no wonder why I thought I should start my search here:

There is just as expansive of a vintage clothing section in the front of the store to match their boots. If you are a fellow Dallasite who mourned the closing of Ahab Bowen like a death in the family (scratch that - I loved Ahab more than I do some family members), the owner of that store now sells at Dolly Pyhton! It is racks upon racks of one-of-a-kinds here and easy to find something perfect for you. Ask one of the gorgeous pups on staff to help you make a selection.

That is, if the pups aren't busy working security at the front of the store.

The best part of Dolly Pyhton, though, are the booths of home goods and knick knacks that fill the right side of the shop. It is really just beyond, really.

A few things really jumped out at me on this weekend's trip. I wanted to buy these to hang in a neat row above a crib or changing table in a nursery. But I guess that is getting ahead of myself. I love the colors and the scale is so unique for this kind of child art!

I just can't help myself around anything that involves a skull. This pinata included, of course!

I saw these burboun bottles and chuckled to myself that it was Markus and I's alter egos. A few moments later Markus walked up behind me, pointed to them and said, "Hey look, it's us!" It's nice to have a spouse who agrees with you on what your inner freak looks like, right?

I love mid century icon collections. There is something comforting and rhythmic about an army of Big Boys...

In the end, I did not bring home a pair of boots (blame it on my very non vintage sized hooves) but I did decide I could not pass on this print. I love the colors that match the scheme in our DIY wallpapered hall bath and the textures of the fur and velvet in the photograph. For $12 I think it is going to add a level of art and quirk that the room was probably desperately in need of, even though I didn't know it at the time. Dolly Python saves the day yet again!

Shop local, shop recycled, shop small business, shop weird. Shop Dolly Python! 

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  1. I love how many new hidden gems in Dallas I'm finding out about via your blog!


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