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Little Legacies

26 August 2012

This weekend a boy from the all-boys high school connected to my high school passed away after fighting like hell for five years against Leukemia. I definitely took "full advantage" of my all-girl's high school career, meaning I was a totally awkward thing and took no proactive approach with boys. I saw them if they were at something my friends took me to but I didn't really foster any individual relationships with them. Greg was around the same things as me a lot. Everything was funny or a future inside joke to him. Everyone was his friend and worth a few steps out of the way for.

His passing has reminded me of things we did as youth that I don't do enough of as an adult. One time after riding jet skis at the lake all day we went to Dairy Queen. I used to be a serious hot dog enthusiast and Greg was overly amused at my excitement about my ordering one at our pit stop. I would never remember what I ordered that day but Greg finding it so funny made it "a thing" and it's run through my mind this weekend. When I go out with my friends now I want to make sure to "pull a Greg" and laugh about the stupid little things more. That's how small things become memories, because someone has the thought to stop and laugh.

After high school I went to SMU for a semester, and it was the worst 16 weeks of my life. Spring semester I moved homes. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I went to visit some of my girlfriends at Texas Tech and we got lunch in the dining halls. Greg was a freshman there too. He spotted me across the large dining area, ran over and sat and ate with us instead of his fraternity brothers. I knew he was still getting over the jaw surgery he had during Christmas break but he kept pulling the conversation back to why I was in town and what we had planned for the weekend, etc. When I got home I told my mom I wanted to go to Tech solely because the friendliest friends I had went there and if they are there it should work out for me too. We didn't hang out too much in school, but Greg continued to always said hi and ask what I was up to when we saw each other in Lubbock. It's funny how I live in Dallas and when I see someone I know I tend to clench up. I don't go up to people and say hi because I consider it wasting their time. But when someone died this weekend, it was his taking the time to say hi to me that became his legacy to me. I want to "pull a Greg" now and not be afraid to let someone know that I recognized and am happy to see that person when I spot him or her out.

I have lost people in my life and each loss is a new lesson. This one has helped me remember that each moment in your life adds up to the legacy you leave behind. I know the people who know me well will have something to share about me. How about the people who just "knew" me? What have I done with them to show the kind of human I am?

Totally random stream. Thanks for letting me put my thoughts somewhere!

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  1. My "Greg" was my best friend and died in the early 90's. He was hilarious! Sorry for your loss, Lilly -- I think this post is part of the reason Greg was sent to you. I'll say hi to you every time I see you!


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