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Color in Motion 5K Does Dallas - 5 Tips for 5K Success and a Promo Code!

19 September 2012

Hi everyone!

It's Lilly here. I've written before about how I like to make fitness fun, since we're all busy and sometimes motivations like "I'll feel great" or "I have more energy" are not worth it compared to spending time with friends (or Pinterest) after a long work week. When Kate from Color in Motion 5K approached me about offering you all a fun promo code for their upcoming race in Dallas, it seemed like a perfect match! I hope you'll enjoy today's guest post. I have never run a 5K before and this is great motivation! If you use the promo code to sign up, let me know in the comments - we can run (walk)(crawl)  the race together!


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Hey Pancakes & Beetjuice Readers!

This is Kate from over at Color in Motion 5K. I am so excited to guest blogging here today and also to be offering Pancakes and Beetjuice readers a promotional code for our upcoming fun run on November 17th in Dallas! Color in Motion 5k is the funnest color run on the planet! You are guaranteed to have a blast if you participate. So grab a friend and sign up now! Use this PROMO CODE to get $10 off at registration: PANCAKE12

Okay so onto my two cents!
So we all know it and just don’t want to say it… Exercise can be boring. We have to do it, we feel good afterwards, but sometimes we just don’t feel like it. I have always had the best luck exercising when I have a goal in mind—when I pick a race or event I want to be able to run. It gives you a timeline and a goal. And gives you the motivation to get out of bed in the morning and hit the road or treadmill.  And all the better if that end goal feels like a big party! Color in Motion will feel like a celebration just for you for completing your fitness goal. **NOTE** Color in Motion 5k does not have be runJ. It can be walked, jogged, strolled, crawled…whatever but I promise you will be pumped up when every kilometer you get blasted with a different color. As an on and off runner myself, here is my little list of tips for running a 5k.
  1.  Keep your breathing even. I have found this is the best way for me to avoid this annoying side aches that make me slow down or even stop my run. I pace myself to inhale for 2 steps and exhale for 2 steps and sometimes try to slow my breath to 3 steps each for inhale and exhale.
  2. Eat a light breakfast. I usually go for something easy my stomach: half a banana or a piece of toast. But never try eating something new the morning of your run. If you never eat oatmeal, don’t eat it the morning of your run!
  3. Invest in a good pair of socks. These don’t have to be crazy expensive, but there is nothing more I hate than my socks falling down while a run or getting bunched up or whatever. Go grab yourself one pair of running socks that feel great. I’m not talking expensive here.. even just $5 at Target.
  4. Go the bathroom before… Enough said.
  5. Grab a friend! Nothing is better than crossing that finish line with a great pal.

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