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Dallas Doggie Dating: Company Cafe and The Foundry/Chicken Scratch

14 September 2012

When we first brought home our sweet Little Child a little over four years ago, I wanted to be crazy dog lady where the dog came everywhere and it was the two of us on the town all the time. Then Little Child pooped at Target. Things shifted more towards L.C. hanging out mostly at the house and getting walks around the neighborhood. We still like to take her out as much as we can, especially to places that are outdoors and pet friendly. 

Last weekend we took Little Child with us on date night to two different yet equally righteous outdoor hangouts. I'm using the word righteous here to prep you for the totally righteous, bright blue sunglasses you will see Markus sporting throughout this post.

The best part about taking your dog on date night is the easy go lucky car ride. NOT - more like scrambling, whining and an insatiable need to test the laws of gravity and physics re: how much of her body she can hang out a car window. I am usually certain of our death but Markus is more appreciative of her enthusiasm and seems to have it under control.

Our first stop was Company Cafe on the Katy Trail. Both their indoor dining area and their dinner selection are a treat, as I've reviewed before here

What's really got us hook, line and sinker though is the Cookie Monster Cake, with moist cake, crazy good cream cheese frosting and a big hunka cookie right in the middle. It comes in regular and peanut better and we never care which one we get. Just give us our Cookie Monster!

The blood orange kombucha is also delicious and it's served in mason jars so you can pretend that you're at a Pinterest wedding while you drink it.

You would think Little Child would use her outings to grow closer to us. The actuality is once she's with her adoring public, we are dead to her. See below for proof as she makes an appearance at her makeshift balcony/the Company Cafe patio that leads out to the Katy Trail.

After we secured our family sugar high, we headed across the bridge to Oak Cliff for a going away party for a friend at The Foundry Bar. Since Markus and I don't really drink, I am more into bars that have food at them, thus making The Foundry's on site restaurant, Chicken Scratch, a big bonus for me.

Another bonus is the very cool design and feel of the place. I very much dig everything from the milk crate chandelier to the big vintage sofa in the middle of the indoor dining area.

Chicken Scratch has fried and rotisserie chicken as well as home cooking style sides as salads. Since it is all made on site using quality ingredients there is a lot to find on their menu that accomodates the gluten-free crowd. I go for their incredible rotisserie chicken with a side of housemade buttermilk ranch, plus their sugar dusted french fries. (GIMME SUGAR)

Little Child's scene was in the outside beer garden and patio stage, which is by far the coolest outdoor hangout and music venue in town. The booking agent for The Foundry does his homework (or probably doesn't since all the acts are too cool for school - hayyyy) and books some of my favorite local acts like The O's and Salim Nourallah. There were many other cute dogs for L.C. to play with here while she hung out on her leash. We've also enjoyed quiality cute kid watching on our multiple trips out here, and they love them some Little Child.

While I do enjoy the nights out when we're a little more dressed up and away from all distractions (like the type of distractions that poop at Target), it is always great to go out as a complete family. My only problem is turning into the thurd wheel, which seems to happen when we travel as a three wolf pack (see photo below for proof).

Maybe we need a fourth addition to the family??


  1. L.C. is so cute! Thanks for posting about these dog-friendly establishments that I've never heard of before! Makes me eager to take my little Monster out with us! I agree that when we got our dog I envisioned taking her everywhere with us too, but enduring those car rides in which she turns into a daredevil just like L.C. meant her staying home pretty much all the time. : /

    Chicken Scratch seems similar to Babe's; have you ever been there? But holy cow! Sugar dusted french fries?! Are you kidding me?! YUM


  2. " . . . it's served in mason jars so you can pretend that you're at a Pinterest wedding while you drink it." AHAHAHA.

    Also, well played on the proper deployment of "righteous" - festive blue sunglasses demand nothing less.


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