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FB Approved Purchases: Jack Rogers Sandals, Sebago Boat Shoes and the Modalu Pippa Bag

06 September 2012

Nobody likes watching a girl trying to be something she's not. Remember the girl in high school who would have been a happy and cute little sprout had she not been so hell bent on trying to fool everyone that she wasa different species of high schooler than God or social Darwinism intended?

This is not why I'm trying to do here, try to fool you into thinking that little Pancakes and Beet Juice is some high powered fashion blog. I promise to not even wake up tomorrow and write about the three letters bound to appear all over your blog roll - FNO. I'm even tempted to stay in tonight and concern myself with a less fabulous but more sweatpants appropriate acronymed event, HIMYM.

But I did come to acquire some very fabulous and lovely things this summer, and if you can't squeal with delight about your new material possessions with your internet friends, who can you?

While any purchases over $25 are more rare than I would like to admit, when they happen they are fabulous. My three new favorite things this summer also all happen to be FB approved. Not FB as in Facebook, my friends, but FB as in Fabulous Brunettes. Allow me to share my new amazing material objects, tested and approved by some of history's most Famous Brunettes.

Jack Rogers Sandals

There is a uniform at my office. To succeed in life and/or the third floor of my office (where I sit), you will want to arrive at work fresh faced in your pencil skirt, Equipment blouse, statement necklace and Tory Burch Miller 2 sandals. I am game for the pencil skirts and accessories, but could not figure out the everyone wearing the exact same shoes to work every day thing. For real - everyone in the exact same shoes. every day. Do not try to pick someone out of the bathroom stall unless you are the ankle whisperer. If there is one shoe I would wear to work a lot, it would be this beautiful T.B. specimen they are all selecting, but the everyone every day thing was blowing my mind.

That is to say that I was confused until I realized that a dress sandal and fresh pedicure at work means happy feet during the triple digit Texas summer heat! These women were as seasonally savvy as they were stylish. I needed to get me some of these dress sandals.

Not wanting to be a complete copycat, I set out to find a sandal that exuded the same daytime prep and elegance but in a different way. I asked myself the ever important question, What Would Jackie Do?

I was very lucky to find my minty and fresh Jack Rogers on sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call for $44! The textile upper is sturdy and stretched to my foot for a snug yet comfortable fit after the first two wears. The leather sole also broke in nicely and now they are one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own!

If you are in a work environment where you can get away with an open-toed shoe on select work days, these have been great for me. They work nicely to complement but cool down my work dresses during the summer heat. Below is an outfit I wore to a business lunch. Even though I was in one of my nicer dresses (DVF also acquired at Last Call a while back), I felt comfortable and stayed cool since it was paired with my new Jacks!

Sebago Bala Boat Shoes

Like dressy sandals, the boat shoe was an item that I had seen work for other people but had never worked for me. I love everything about the boat shoe - the nautical prep feel, bringing comfort to everyday outfits and the assumption from the general public that you might see water and/or a boat on the reg. Boat shoes on me, though, had sadly never worked. They were never as comfortable as everyone swore them to be and they looked hella clunky on my large-ish feet.

Last summer when I spent my summer vacation studying a certain Duchess' travel wardrobe like early linguists might have poured over the Rosetta Stone at first viewings, there was one choice clothing item that could not break my attention.

I really wanted those boat shoes.

Not the dressiest or most discussed item in her suitcase on this trip, but I was dying for these shoes! I loved the colors and the style and they way they looked summery and athletic but were in essence more of a driving loafer. I explained to Markus my delight over the discovery of Kate Middleton's Sebago boat shoes and presented very clearly how my acquisition of them could be a real game changer in most aspects of my life. Basically everything wrong or missing from my life could be righted if I only had these shoes.

Markus proved his superb listening skills by gifting me with a gorgeous pair of Sebago Balas in taupe/white for my birthday this year! And I was totally right. If ever a pair of boat shoes could be significantly life altering, these are the ones. 

They are well made, comfortable and much more my taste than Sperry's. I have worn them a lot with my pencil jeans and knit tops, as well as with my shorts through the summer. As a good blue blood, I know many people who love the Sperry but these are just so much more stylish as well as comfortable, in my opinion! We are in love.

Modalu Pippa Bag

Before I continue with this post, I would like to note that the sharing of my love for a pair of shoes or bag with my spouse is never to solicit the purchasing of the item from him. We come home after a work day, we make a share a lovely meal together, he tells me about work and I tell him about all of the fabulous new things they have for sale on the Internet and which one my go-to Famous Brunettes was seen sporting it about town recently.

Fabulous things definitely includes Modalu's Pippa bag, sported about town by it's FB namesake.

So as much as I shouldn't have been surprised by one appearing in my home for an unexpected anniversary gift (the traditional third anniversary gift is leather - let us as a gender always use this and other antiquated traditions to secure amazing handbags), I most definitely was surprised! My ability to procure a new handbag simply by discussing its greatness ad nauseum has never worked this well before so I was both completely shocked and immensely proud of myself. All those looking for talking points to justify the purchase of the Pippa bag to yourself or those around you, please head stright over to I Pick Pretty, who lays out all the ways owning this bag will change your life in well detailed and photographed exhibits (there is a reason she is a former lawyer).

Somewhere during my journey of lust for this bag I began to wonder if the "blogging promotes a life of material excess and lusting for worldly goods" thing was just working its magic on me, and that my reading about the life changed through the Pippa bag was altering my own mental state and causing me to lust over something I didn't really need.

Nope, not one bit.

As a high school and college student, I spent my disposable income (back in the glory days when I had one of those), on a few fabulous handbags that, while undoubtedly fabulous, were in no way practical or life assisting at all. The Pippa is a completely different story. You know all those million different lives you have as a woman - worker bee, volunteer, mom, wife, girlfriend, makeup wearer? With Pippa there is a gorgeous, butter soft, zippered pocket for that. It's the first time with a handbag that I have felt organized and pretty at the same time. Yesterday I took a day trip for work and brought file folders, multiple phones, notebooks, books, wallet and personal goods - all in my one Pippa bag! It's a life changer.

While I may not be as fabulous or famous as some of the brunettes before me, I am happy to have them as style trailblazers from whom I often steal inspiration. After years of highlights and sun-in gone wrong, I'm ready to take my place amongst some of society's strongest and best accessorized women as an FFB - Future Famous Brunette.


  1. Love the Pippa Bag ! I did not know it had so many compartments !

  2. Great collection of FB finds! You have me sold on those Sebago Bala boat shoes; I've never been a fan of boat shoes (ie Sperry's) on girls, but these are so feminine. I love that the Pippa Bag has changed your life. xoxo

  3. Hi Lilly! Just a quick question. Have you found your Sebago bala's to stretch out over time? I'm interested in getting a pair because they are so cute but am between sizes (6.5 & 7) and want to know what your experience with them have been after all these years. Also, if they do stretch, is it enough to go down a half size? Or should I just stick with my regular size 7.

    Thanks so much, love the blog :)


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