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Go See: The Second City Does Dallas

24 September 2012

There is a phenomenon of funny occuring in Dallas right now. Chicago's famous Second City Comedy Troupe is here and they are dishing out jokes at the Dallas Theatre Center all about our fair city.

The Wyly Theatre can be rebuilt where the stage and audience layout is completely different for every show. It was very cool to walk in and see how they had transformed the space into a comedy club, with custom bistro tables and big sofas towards the front! Markus and I went on Saturday to the matinee - we had the "cheap seats" which were still awesome and only $15 for the Saturday 2pm showing.

The Second City is so stinking funny I would pay to go hear them make jokes for hours about soup or car batteries or something else that I have no affinity to, but the material all about Dallas aka the best city in the world made this some of the funniest hours of my life.

People in Dallas should basically be required to go see this show and have a good laugh at ourselves for a few hours. You know I am an "own your truth" person, and Dallas' truth is most totally hilarious.

On weekdays there is a "third act" to the show where there are more improv games, and on the weekends there is a talk back where the Second City members will chat with the audience about how they put the material together and other behind the curtain bits. I highly recommend going on the weekend for this, especially if you've ever wondered how jokes and bits go from a laugh in someone's head to performed on stage.

The coolest part of the show for me was that one of the six stars of the show went to the all boy's high school for my school growing up! We did theater and improv troupe together in high school. He was always talented but mostly just immensely passionate about making people take life less seriously. People like that, who can spot their dreams and hold on tight while they persue them, deserve every accolade and opportunity that comes their way. I could not have been happier to pay witness to something that was a result of over a decade of hard work and dedication. And it is was so f*cking funny!

It was also great to be in attendance with our high school theater teacher, who was and has continued to be such a strong mentor in our lives, no matter what we've all gone on to pursue. She really taught us that everytime we got on stage or worked as a team for a show, we were growing up and prepping ourselves to do big things with our lives. Not all of us have continued with theater, but she's continued with us and it's the best thing in thr world to have someone to knew you at 17 still rooting for you at 27.

Our little group had a great time catching up and getting mad street cred for knowing our star way back when he was just a local, high school prom king celebrity.

Since this show is so funny and fabulous, the Second City does Dallas has been extended through October 6! Get your tickets online here.


  1. Thanks for sharing, will have to check it out!

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