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Hit 'em Wreck 'em Dress 'em Cute: Red and Black Game Day Outfits

25 September 2012

Now that we've transitioned to fall, actual temperatures be damned, memories of ye old college tailgate and vague plans to return with friends to Lubbock soon are in my head. I love thinking of those days that were most likely the high point of my domestic and surprisingly technical skills. I would cook huge piles of pancakes for our friends before tailgates then. Now I don't make my own coffee. 

I also made this CD for power hour before games where the song changed every minute for a full hour, letting you know it was time to toast your friends in game day revelry. How did I do this? I barely download iPhone apps now. Booze is an inspiring substance to behold.

The rumor mill is rampant re: my return to the Hub City for football and friends soon, and I just might make a real deal appearance. I hope I am greeted and yet still feared like Felony Melanie in Sweet Home Alabama. 

Here's what I have in mind for my grand homecoming getup:

Longhorn Fashions is, obviously, first and foremost for Longhorns. This white top, though, is the white flag of neutrality and I can add Tech colors in my pants and accessories. I think the leather belt has a subtle West Texas feel and the cut of the arms looks like it would really flatter my shoulders as I threw tortillas at people.* Plus I am an avid supporter of Sistah owned businesses.

*Did you Big XII frenemies think this was where I would change your mind about Tech students being offensive tailgaters? Y'all have gone decided that we don't play nice, so why paint the horse a different color here? Two internet tortillas thrown your way.

These red skinny jeans that bought at Reuse jeans last fall have been great at some Tech basketball games that I've attended. They're 70% recycled cotton and super stretchy and comfortable! Sorry the only photo I could find is of a girl's butt, kind of weird.

My favorite thing about going to Tech games as a young co-ed was swinging my pirate sword and winning, two things we don't do anymore since the fiasco of New Year's Eve 2009 that we do not discuss in this home. Now if I want to win big it has to be placing bets against Markus as we watch Wheel of Fortune, or on ebay, where I won these sweet tough girl boots. I think they will match the leather on the white top's waist belt perfectly.

Vintage Cowboy Boots from this dude's Ebay store

For my crossbody bag, I think I'll wear my Cambridge, seen here on Markus this summer when I was tired of carrying it after a long night in Austin. Doesn't he look Dandy in it?

Find all the other cute college game day clothes at I Pick Pretty today!


  1. Ooh, accessories perfection - I wish I could pull off those boots, and I covet Markus' dandy bag.

    Do y'all really throw tortillas?! I've been wanting to make it to Lubbock sometime for the Tech-UT game, and I plan to use that fact to argue my case with my own personal husband.

  2. love that top and pants together! Have a happy Tuesday and be sure to enter to win a custom made shot glass! .

  3. Your blog is oozing with cuteness. Love the pic of your honey and your furry. :) and i ADORE your freckles. i have some red skinnies from Alloy. the 14 yr old store, but i still shop there. :) i also LOVE the Pippa bag you wrote about LOVEly.
    Thanks for introducing me to you! Hope to return many times! :)

  4. Love your tailgating outfit! We need to watch the Tech vs UT game together! ALSO I can't wait to see your feather junky booties!


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