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Say No to Sulfates, and other Hair Miracles from Hair by Holly

27 September 2012

As a Dallas native turned Dallas permanent after my return from college in West Texas, it was easy to plug back in and start finding Dallas favorites, new and old. The one thing that I could not find to save my life, sadly, was someone to do my hair.

I was a spoiled girl in Lubbock, who saw Miss Esmerelda every few months and she cut, colored and conditioned my hair while giving me all the secret dirt on my sorority sisters that also frequented her stall at the Super Hair Salon. It was one stop shopping, it felt comfortable and my hair looked great without me ever having to give a bunch of direction or know what a low lite and all the other fancy names stuff was. When Katie Holmes got her adorable bob following her (thankfully) temporary Tom Cruise lobotomy,  I just brought in a picture from the magazine and walked out with the look perfectly tailored to my face in an hour. We just had hair chemistry.

I was so excited a few months ago when after FIVE years of being a Dallas salon wanderlust, I finally found Holly West at Salon Twenty Two. Salon after salon would bring me in and tell me that it took a village to make a girl's hair look right, with this one shampooing and this one coloring and these people cutting. Then I tried a few off the grid, solo places and thought I was indie. These people are most likely squatting in these quaint homes turned salons hiding from the Better Business Bureau or whoever renews cosmetology licenses  There were some bad times. Holly, however, is a breath of fresh air and also legit (she plays bass in a band, y'all!). Holly has an assistant and together they are the hair rock stars and also give the best massages ever during shampoo time, also called "Miss Lilly's Happy Time."

Holly gets to know you when you first come in, asking everything from any allergies you have to your hair idols and personal style. In just a few minutes of talking, she had helped me identify that I was allergic to sulfates!


Here are some of the ways that I knew I was allergic to sulfates:
  1. Hair that turns oily easily, usually within 12-24 hours
  2. Clogged pores along my hair line and forehead where my bangs are
  3. Having to color my hair very frequently to cover my abnormal amount of very few greys
 After my first haircut with Holly I purchased the L'Oreal EverPure Volume Shampoo. I kept my Frederick Fekkai conditioner because it was already sulfate free. After a little over two months of using this, it is like I have another person's hair on my head! Hopefully Kate Middleton's. My hair is really shiny and looks fresh all day! I also can go much longer in between getting it colored, which also makes my hair more healthy.

Since the sulfate free experiment was working so well on my head, I also switched to sulfate free face wash. This also made a huge difference with my skin and makeup feeling fresh all day. Isn't it crazy that the sulfate free goodies that are way better for you and the environment also make us look better? And both of these products can be found at Target for a similar price to their sulfate-loaded friends.
Here are some tips from Holly on how to find shampoos without harsh ingredients:
"Looking at the ingredients on your shampoo is the second best way to find a good shampoo. The first is, of course, trying it out for a couple weeks to see if it does well with your hair. The first ingredient should be water followed by one of these ingredients:

Ammonium Laryl Sulphate- the harshest you can get
Ammonium Laureth Sulphate- Still very harsh
Sodium Laryl Sulphate- Better
Sodium Laureth Sulphate- Much Better"
The coolest thing about Holly is that she is a giver, of awesome information about why we should be saying no to sulfates and of services discounts. Anyone who makes an appointment with Holly at Salon Twenty Two and mentions this blog gets 20% off their appointment! Make your appointment by calling her at 214-803-3378 or emailing her at hollywest2222 at

Happy hair to you all!


  1. Loved this blog! Love me some rock n roll Holly!!!!

  2. Loved this blog! Love me some rock n roll Holly!!!!

  3. Great info! I'm going to check all my products right now

  4. This is so interesting, I never knew it made a difference! (And, since I read this a while back, I've totally been noticing the "lower sulfates" on a few of my products! :)

    I'm about to have a hair appointment myself, we'll see if my stylist has any good nuggest of hair-info for me! ;)



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