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Friday Favorites!

19 October 2012

Ok y'all it's been a while since we've featured this most creative editorial series, but I have a few precious gems in my pocket that I got to share for Friday Favorites!

Bouncing for Breast Cancer!

Those of you who loved my post this week about the Bounce class at Beyond Studios, you will be excited to know that they're hosting a fundraiser on October 27 that brings fitness and fundraising together! You can sign up for the class on their website and then make your donation at the door. I'm all signed up and ready to "Bounce for the Girls" so grab your mightiest sports bra and join! 

What to Wear Where - Arts Night Out!

For those of you who might have missed my most incredible outfit inspiration posts here and here, two of my favorite blogs (namedrop: I Pick Pretty and Forever 29) have started a Tuesday link up for sharing fabulous fashion ideas for real deal life events. Next week, the event we'll be outfit sharing and planning for is Arts Night Out - those sleek ensems most perfect for gallery, museum or theater nights. I'll be hosting this week (I HAVE ARRIVED!!), so plan your artsy outfits and bring them over here on Tuesday to link up!

P.S. To those of you who might have discerned that this is less "Friday Favorites" and more "General Announcements," you are my little Friday favorites. Let's not tell the others. Have a great weekend everyone!! - Lilly 

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  1. How fun!!! and congrats! I can't wait for the posts!


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