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Friday Fun Facts

26 October 2012

Happy Friday!

If you have been over to Helene in Between, you shoud check it out! I've known Helene since grade school and her blog is just as down to Earth and funny as she is. Helene tagged me in some fun facts, and I thought it'd be fun to share a few, even though I am not very good at these!

  1. Our house is in the same area that I grew up in. It is awesome for never needing to figure out where the grocery store is. It stinks for wanting to go to the grocery store in your pajamas, something that I would sadly do if I wasn't terrfied of running into my friends' moms.
  2. Markus and I met working at a pizza place and starting dating after a few nights of all of our friends going to our favorite dive bar next door to the pizza shop. Even though we can't have pizza or booze now with the gluten-free life, I'll always have to give them credit for bringing us together.
  3. I've probably seen The Great Muppet Caper over 100 times. That might be short selling myself.
  4. I lived in Ecuador with my family when I was in the third grade. That's when I first knew that I one day wanted a pink house.
  5. Markus and I are both the older sibling to one younger sibling. Markus' brother is two years younger than him and Sistah is 18 months younger than me. It made the wedding party thing easy when we got married. As much as I don't want to admit my likelyhood of playing favorites with my children, I'm pretty sure our first born will be bulletproof.
  6. My all time favorite song is probably King Tut by Steve Martin.
  7. I black out around celebrities of any kind and say the stupidest things you have ever heard. Markus enjoy this so much that I think he goes out of his way to put me in the line of fire.
  8. One Christmas I gave Markus a pre-planned trip to Marfa,, TX, to relax and look at weird art. It was a blast! Our souvenior photo is below.

What are some fun facts about yourself? Share in a comment or let me know if you write a post so I can be sure to check it out!

We're continuing Markus' tour de 30 this weekend. I'll be back with pictures next week! 


  1. aww thanks lilly!!!! you are so sweet. I love that you want a pink house. I am currently listening to King Tut and I can't believe that is your favorite song. that's awesome. I love the idea of a pre planned trip. i may steal that...

  2. I really enjoyed learning more about you! I've never heard King Tut by Steve Martin; I'm definitely curious to hear it now, though. I've also never been to Marfa. Do you recommend it? It seems like a long drive to get out there, so that is deterring me. I love your Catcher in the Rye sweatshirt in that photo! It's probably my favorite book.

    I'm drawing a blank on any fun facts about me! I'll be sure to report back if I think of something!

    Hope you had a great time celebrating your husband this weekend!


  3. This is a great post!

    Loved "King Tut" when I was younger, will have to look it up for a re-live!

    The "blacking out" thing is hysterical! I would love to witness that! ;)

    Is the "Great Muppet Caper" the one where they say they are going to put Kermit in the blender & make guacamole? That scene {and the idea of Kermit-guac} has haunted me my whole life. I still think about Kermit every time I have guac. Kind of gross, really!

    I have tooooo many goofy facts to even begin to list them! My life is like an on-going episode of "Seinfeld." Let's just leave it at that! :)


  4. Love all these fun facts! You are adorable! At Christmas time would you have lunch with my girls and me! It would be so fun and you could talk about UA. We can meet in Dallas....


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