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Guest Post! Cardio Jams by Literally Running in Circles

02 October 2012

Hello Pancakes readers! Nice you? If you're reading this you're probably as obsessed with Pancakes and Lilly as I am. While she is off basking in Seaside's rays, and very likely having a much better day than us desk-bound folk, I've written a little guest post.

My name is Molly and I blog at Running in Circles- loosely based around a weird idea I had to run a marathon on an elliptical, but more so based on how being in your mid-twenties feels like one giant hamster-ball sometimes. I'd love for you to join me and revel in the absurdity of having no idea where your life is going. Click the button to find me, or find me on Lilly's sidebar.

Anywho...back to your regularly scheduled program. One thing that Lilly has written about that really stuck with me is that workouts should be enjoyable. Makes sense, right? There are only so many things you can do to make an hour on the elliptical go faster, and for me a huge motivator is the music blaring in my ears. Typically, I treat the elliptical very similarly to a bike in spin class, and I match my rhythm to the cadence of whatever I'm listening to. A song with slower verses and uptempo chorus is great for sprints, and slower, base-heavy songs are ideal for a climb or really high resistance.

I put together a 45 minute playlist of some of my favorite cardio songs below. A warning to those who like soothing, smooth music during a workout- just don't even listen to it. Hopefully this is understood. "I enjoy listening to babbling brooks and Gregorian chants during my intense cardio workouts," said no one, ever. I need thumping, pulse-pounding tunes to brighten my workouts. You'll see a smattering of Britney (duh), a little bit of electronic music, some alternative, and Annie Lennox, because ANNIE LENNOX, that's why. 
cardio edition by Molly Richardson on Grooveshark

If you like what you hear, please feel free to check out the different playlists I've put together on RIC here. Thanks for having me! Happy cardio-ing!

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  1. Yay! Two of my favorite blogs combined! can't wait to listen to these fun tunes at town lake tomorrow. For now, I will jam in my cube. Thanks for posting this great playlist, Molly!


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