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What to Wear Where! Date Nights in the Dallas Arts District

23 October 2012

Welcome to What to Where Wear! The weekly link up where some of my favorite bloggers (and even I, on my better wardrobe weeks) get together to talk about what we would wear to real life events. I am so excited to be hosting this week on a topic that I find to be increasingly relevant with the fun growth of the arts community in Dallas - What to Wear to Arts Night Out!

With the Dallas Arts District in Dallas (the largest walking arts center in the country I will add - not that Dallas is the best city in the world or anything), there seems to be unique arts programming for almost any desired date night. About once a month many of the museums stay open until midnight, with some even offering free admission. There is special programming like movie screenings, concerts, docent tours and children's activities. It is one of Markus and I's go to date nights because of its low cost, fun atmosphere and the fact that since the programs change at each museum, each trip has its own special feel. Check the Dallas Art's District's Events Calendar for a regular rotation of what is coming up next.

The past Friday's Arts Night Out was particularly fun since there was a preview of Aurora, an outdoor collection of light and sound installations being planned for 2013. The weather was perfect for outdoor art and, in my opinion, so was my outfit.

The lightweight jacket that I got at the end of fall/winter last year was perfect for the breeze without being too heavy. Same goes for a dress with tights over jeans. My favorite part about planning an arts night outfit it is that is such a perfect time to highlight any fun vintage items I might have fallen in love with at the store but never been brave enough to wear to a bar or dinner date. The arts is all about celebrating individuality and beautiful and unique vintage pieces are a great way to spice up some of my trusted basics!

After walking through Glimpse of Aurora, we went over to the Crow Collection of Asian Art, which is always free to the public but was offering Japanese beer tastings, haiku writing and karaoke (probably made much more interesting if followed after the beer samples, right?). I always love looking at the impressive jade and porcelain collections at the Crow. I was very proud of myself when I realized my dinner ring was jade itself! This is obviously what people mean by life imitating art.

Next it was over to the Nasher Sculpture Center to see their new exhibit and one of our favorite bands, The O's. This is where Markus' fashion photography skills really started to shine. The Sartorialist and Bill Cunningham should grip their cameras a little closer tonight...

Dallas Arts District Til Midnight Outfit Details:
Bedjacket: Urban Outfitters (old)
Dress: H&M (old)
Grey Tights: Kohl's Apt 9 (holla to the control top on these - aint too proud)
Boots: Vintage Ahab Bowen (now sells at Dolly Python)
Clutch: Vintage Ahab Bowen (Dolly Python)
Zebra Enamel Bangle: Longhorn Fashions
Jade Ring: Jan Michaels Jewelry (sold at Whole Earth Provisions)

Like I mentioned earlier, no two trips down to the Arts District are ever alike, and this should continue to be the case with Klyde Warren Park opening right next door this weekend. There is already a growing list of programs and events on the docket for this great new public space in Dallas, the first being a huge Concert in the Park with the Polyphonic Spree. We've got our wristbands ready and are going in a group for Markus' birthday this weekend. I've already planned another artsy outfit that I think has a totally different feel.

I'm excited to fight the concert crop top trend with a bright, bohemian tunic. I'll be wearing my tough girl boots but have been very seriously pondering sending them to the Feather Junkie for an extra dose of boho. What do you think? The rope necklace is made by women in Ecuador and sold by Noonday, which is filled with pretty pieces that are made by or fund projects for women in developing countries. I love anything socially conscious that is actually cute at the same time - these definitely fit the bill.

Concert in the Park

Add your planned or aspiring arts adventures and outfits below. I can't wait to see what everyone has in store!


  1. you are too cute!! it just isn't fair. love the outfit. Especially the zebra bangle and the Urban outfitters bedjacket!

  2. What a fun date night! Great outfit for the arts night out. Love those feather junkie boots and that satchel for the concert in the park.

  3. I'm completely enamored with those white boots. And liked that zebra bangle so much when I saw you in it that I bought it from your sis, so well played there too.

    After being surrounded by the concert crop top thing at ACL, a hearty thank you for fighting it with a fun, non-midriff-baring tunic. How cool that those necklaces support a good cause too; great find!

  4. I love your white boots! Really, your whole look is pretty much perfect. And I can't wait to see your Concert in the Park look on you. Such fun components! I vote yes for Feather Junkie-ing your boots!

    Thanks for all of the fun ideas for ANO in DFW!

  5. Isn't getting the boys in on the fashion blogging action fun? Claps to you for on location shots! We saw a few light/sound installation pieces at the 21c hotel in Louisville. They are fun! Have fun at your concert...I have a few paper necklaces that are similar to the rope necklace you's great to shop for a cause and have something pretty to wear!

  6. I came over from I Pick Pretty and love your outfit! If I ever got dressed I could totally participate in this again but so far that hasn't been the case ;)

    And word on the Apt 9 tights. Amazing. Also, I want your whole concert outfit.

  7. Love your outfit... the bracelet is great!

  8. You look so pretty! What a fun and sassy outfit! I especially love the jacket!

    Thanks for reminding me about all the events in the Dallas Arts district! I used to go to some of those... Will have to check them out again!


  9. I checked all the other submissions out, and can I just say: SO happy to be among such a fabulous group! Amazing looks out there and some great ideas for what to wear where! ;)


  10. That's a pretty clutch you have there! That look (and clutch, specifically) reminded me of a pic from one of those top dating sites I saw before (doubtful it would be you though, you see to be in a happy relationship).


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